Monday, April 2, 2012

What my weekend consisted of...

Here is exactly what my weekend was made up of:

Fighting. No, not me fighting with someone. One of my good friends fights MMA and he had a fight on Friday. And won of course, mainly because I coach him. Ok, not really but if I did he would be the greatest fighter on earth! :) Anyways, it is always scary to watch not only him fight but other random people I don't know. It's just something about them beating each other's faces and slamming each other on the ground that gets me every time. My friend went all three rounds with his guy and he came out a winner! So that always helps to calm my nerves. 
That's him standing up and the guy he was fighting is on the floor

More mushroom hunting. Saturday my boyfriend decided that after he got off work we were going to go mushroom hunting. This was only the second time I have been and let me tell you, it was more intense then the last time. My first time I was just able to walk around all relaxed and what not. But no, not this time. One thing you should know about my boyfriend, he loves the outdoors. And I mean loves. So here we are walking down this super steep hill just so we can not walk on the paths that are there for regular people who know how to use paths, but so we can walk under tree branches and across creeks. Of course, he was nice enough to carry me while we walked through the creek. But then the worst thing happened. There.were.frogs. I hate frogs, like when I say hate I mean absolutely despise them and if they were to go extinct today I would jump for joy. But then we found some trees that had been cut down by some beavers which I found kind of interesting. We ended up finding four mushrooms, we tied at 2 a piece. But I did surprise him with my ability to find them, he didn't believe in me. :)

Sunday I worked on some homework and a DIY project. I will post pictures of the two DIY projects I have done so far tomorrow. Thanks for reading! :)

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