Tuesday, February 3, 2015


At the beginning of the year I decided to start posting a picture on Instagram every day. I haven't been posting every day but I feel like for someone who sucks at really sticking to anything that I've been doing pretty well. So here's what I've been up to lately, according to Instagram. And if you don't already, you should probably follow me on there because it's a lot of fun and you get to see a lot of Luke and who doesn't love that? Exactly.


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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I've Learned Some Things and Other Confessions

This week I've learned quite a bit and it's only Wednesday. So I'm linking up for Hump Day Confessions to confess to everyone what I've learned and other nonsense on my mind this past week.

I confess...

..that on Monday I learned I need to slow my driving down, because after losing control of my car and spinning into a ditch I don't want to experience that again

..that on Monday I also learned how fast everything can be taken away from someone. I was lucky enough that neither Luke or I were hurt when my car spun out of control, but it could have easily gone a totally different way.

..that before Monday I had doubt in the human race. Working as a server you don't meet a whole lot of nice people. But Monday the amount of people who stopped and asked if we were alright was amazing to me. And the amount of people who stayed until the cops showed up to make sure everything was going to be okay stunned me. I never thought people were that nice, but my faith in humanity was definitely restored that day.

..that since Monday I have had nightmares about it every time I close my eyes. I'm not sure if it's because I had Luke in the car with me or what but I can't seem to fall asleep without having a nightmare that it all goes a totally different way.

..that I started working out two weeks ago and after three times, I stopped. I started again yesterday so we will see how long this lasts. Why does getting my butt to the gym for just a half hour have to be so hard?!?

..that I have the hardest time eating healthy. With all the temptations at work and how easy fast food is, it just gets to me. I have to stop making so many excuses and just go out and buy the healthy stuff. Ughh..

..that I've watched way too much Grey's. Actually, is that even a thing? Too much Grey's Anatomy?

And that's that for these confessions. Since I bored all of you with everything about Monday I'll give you a break and send you on your way. I also need to get back to watching Grey's Anatomy. You all have a great Wednesday. I know I will, until 3:30. Then I have to go to work and we all know how I feel about Wednesdays at Texas Roadhouse...
Making Melissa
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Monday, January 26, 2015

My Faves/Not Faves From the SAGs

So, um, obviously I'm like this huge fashionista and whatnot. Which means my opinion on these dresses from the SAGs last night really matter. And I'm sure you are all going to take them to heart and really agree with me. Whatever. However, I will say that a lot of the speeches last night were adorable and amazing and these people make me giggle because they are always in the public eye but the second they have to give an acceptance speech they get super nervous and it reminds me that they're just like us. But with more money, and they're more beautiful, and they can do whatever they want whenever they want.

Here are five of my favorite dresses from last night.

And here are four of my least favorite. I thought I saved five pictures but I didn't, so I will just add that although Ariel Winters or whatever Alex from Modern Family's real name is, looked awesome I just feel like she's too young to have her boobs out the way she did. But that's just the dog mom in me because I wouldn't want Luke putting his boobs out there like that.

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