Saturday, April 28, 2012

Watch these!

So I have stumbled upon a few videos that I believe everyone should watch. I don't usually sit around and watch rando videos on youtube but these two videos are awesome! The first one is great for anyone who is a Cards fan and/or any other teams fan besides the Cubs. Just check it out and you will understand why! :)

See what I mean? So. Funny. :)

The next video is actually a video I have seen floating around Pinterest for awhile but I just have never clicked on it. I am so glad I finally did last night because it is amazing. It is such an inspirational video and to see this boy conquer his fears and stand up and do what he loves is just wonderful. For some reason the people of this video won't let anyone watch it on this site. So when you click play you have to click on watch on youtube ... then you can watch it. And you should!

Ah.Maze.Ing. Am I right? 

Okay so I couldn't let this little post about a few videos go without posting the adorable video of Ethan dancing to Skylar Laine singing Tattoos on This Town by Jason Aldean. I mean have you ever seen anyone cuter? I think not
I know, he is adorable. You don't have to tell me :)

So that is all. I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! Thank you for reading/watching today! :)

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