Thursday, February 27, 2014

The No Name Dip

Alright so the other day I told you I would give you the recipe for the dip that I made for trivia night. According to Nick this dip has "no name". So I have dubbed it the "no name dip". Original, I know. This dip is super easy and cheap to make. It seriously only contains four ingredients. Four. 

 What you need:

  • 16 oz sour cream (I know the one in the picture is two 8oz but that's because the store I went to didn't have the 16oz of the kind I like)
  • Real bacon bits. Make sure they are real. I used fake ones one time and it was the WORST thing I have ever tasted.
  • Shredded cheese. I prefer cheddar jack but I'm sure whatever kind you want to add would work.
  • A dry ranch packet. They make different flavored ones but I would go with the original.

Just mix all of that together and viola, your dip is done. It looks kind of like throw up but I promise it's amazing. What I do is add the sour cream and then mix in the ranch. After mixing those together I add in the bacon bits and stir. And after all of that is stirred together I mix in the entire thing of cheese.
Eat with whatever kind of crackers or chips you would like. And try not to eat the entire thing in one sitting. Which I would do if Nick wouldn't make fun of me. Good thing I don't live on my own or I would only eat this dip, ice cream, and cookies. Whatev.
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Favorite Blogging Apps

I am so unbelievably addicted to my phone and everything that comes along with it that I couldn't imagine life without at. How sad is that? Seriously though, how convenient is it to have everything I need at my finger tips? So today I'm going to share with you some of a lot of my favorite apps.

ABM: A Beautiful Mess. This is a photography app that allows you to put your pictures in collages, add different effects, change the color of the photo, and add texts and cute little symbols on to your picture. This app is .99, however, I think it's worth it.

Bloglovin: For obvious reasons. But I Love that I am able to have all of my favorite blogs right in one spot on my phone. So many times I find myself sitting somewhere super bored without my computer and this allows me to just open the app and start reading all of the wonderful blogs that I follow.

Bitly: Bitly is a great app for putting a link on Twitter or something where you only have so many characters to say what you want to say. If you get a Bitly account you can put your link in and it gives you back a super short link, allowing you more characters on Twitter to say what you need to say. Another great aspect of Bitly is that it tells you how many clicks your link has gotten, which is always nice.

JustunFollow: This app allows you to connect to your Twitter and Instagram accounts and tells you multiple things. It tells you who follows you that you don't follow back. It tells you who you follow that doesn't follow you back. And it tells you who has followed and unfollower you in the last week. #creeperstatus #ohwell

Pages+: This is the Facebook Pages app. I didn't start using it until recently, but I am trying to post more to my Facebook page and with this app it makes it a lot easier. You can also see some of the insights that you can on the computer with this app. And you can link multiple pages to the app as well.

PicLab: This app is sort of like ABM. It also allows you to add those little circles you see on pictures, borders, filters, textures, and patterns. It allows you to have text on your pictures too.

PS Express: I just solely use this app to "enhance" my pictures. Almost every picture I post has been improved by this app. There are also multiple other things you can do on this app, obviously. I mean it is the Photoshop app.

There are other app groups that I love using, but I will leave that for another post.
What are some of your favorite apps for blogging?
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't Ask Me To Be On Your Team

Because I am the worst at trivia. No lie. Like I think I tried to answer a total of three questions. And got a total of three questions wrong. More on that later.

Friday, Luke got fixed. Um can we pause to talk about how heart breaking it is to leave your pet at the vet? He sat at the glass door and wouldn't move, even with the nurse trying to get him to budge. He just sat and watched Nick and I walk away. I. Felt. Horrible. And then later that day when I went to get him the nurse tried to get him out of the crate he was in and I could hear him barking at her. So she came out and asked me to go get him and as soon as I walked in the room he started barking at me and backing away. Obviously he was just saying "Mom, I'm mad at you for leaving me". But after about 15 seconds of that he got over it and just wanted me to get him out of that place. Then we spent the rest of the day like this..
Then Saturday morning I had to work a birthday party at pottery. Picture this. 12 four year olds. In a pottery place. For a birthday party. We normally give every birthday party a cookie cake and juice pouches. But then this mom brought it 1325153 little mini cupcakes. And ice cream cups that you had to eat with a sucker. Now me being the 5 year old I actually am, was super jealous of these tiny tots for the ice cream that they were able to eat. So you can imagine my delight when the mom offered me one of these bad boys.
Saturday night me and Nick and some of our friends went to one of our friend's softball trivia night. 
We were rooks the first trivia night we went to when it came to the food spread we had. Nick and I didn't bring any food, just alcohol, which sometimes is more important than the food. But anyways, we only had two dips and a few things of crackers at our table. But not this time. This time I made a dip and brought three things of cookies. The other people at our table brought pizzas, dips, crackers, bacon wrapped weenies, salami wrapped pickles, and plenty of chips. According to one of my friends "we were just there to eat and get drunk, and maybe answer a few questions right". Which is exactly what we did.
This dip is awesome. I can't take any credit because Nick taught me how to make it. I'll hopefully be making it again soon so I can take better pictures and put up a recipe for you. This dip was gone before we left that night. One of our friends even pulled the "I don't think you should eat this, let me set it over here by me".
And then from round one all the way through round nine we were in second to last place. Only ahead of the bartender who was doing it by herself just for fun. So that's cool. In the last round we pulled ahead of a few losers and came in 6th place I believe. Out of like 11 or 12. Better than last I suppose.
So the moral of this story is to not ask me to be on your trivia team. However, I was able to trick some of my friends in to being on my own team for Nick's softball team's trivia night coming up in about a month. Little do they know that they better be super knowledgeable about that kind of stuff or we will end up in dead last. Although, I don't think they would mind either because all they were worried about when I asked them was what type of food/alcohol should be brought. We have our priorities straight, obviously. 

And then I ended my weekend like this, which is probably the best way to end a weekend in all the ways you can end a weekend. I can't wait until he's 90 pounds and trying to do this.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Flashback Saturday?

So there's Transformation Tuesday. Throwback Thursday. Flashback Friday. But is there something for Saturday? Snapback Saturday. That makes it sound like I'm wearing one of those hats..which is awful when girls wear them, in my opinion. So while I think about a name for Saturday's old pictures I'm going to show you some old ones of my own.

In a week I will be attending Mardi Gras in St. Louis for the second year in a row. Last year was the first year for me. Last years Mardi Gras was also the day I met Nick. No, we did not meet AT Mardi Gras, we met at our friends house that morning. However, the reason we were all together was to go to Mardi Gras. My friend just invited Nick and another one of their friends to go just because, it wasn't to hook us up or anything. But somehow it just happened. And now, conveniently, this year Mardi Gras falls on our one year anniversary. So we will be spending our one year anniversary at the place that brought us together. Sweet some may say, however, I would sort of rather be spending it at home watching movies, but I'm not complaining. It will be a day to spend with friends and large crowds and hopefully (modestly) get some beads. 

Side story: Last year I saw one boob. Not two. One. By this woman who was probably in her 50's and hanging over the side of the railing that was between us and the street where the parade was taking place. Let me tell you, sister reallyyyyy wanted those beads. I could have done without the spectacular that was this woman, but to each their own. I'm pretty sure at one point she even told one of the guys walking in the parade "Look at how long my tongue is!" while she was sticking out her disgustingly long tongue. Oh and "I'll let you touch my boobs if you give me some beads!" Hopefully I don't see that lady this year, even though she wouldn't remember me at all.

 We had no idea who these guys were. Just some friendly strangers wanting to join our picture.
I didn't even really know Nick when this picture was taken. But there we are, standing right next to each other. Okay, so maybe I snuck my way to stand right next to him because I thought he was cute and wanted to be pictured by him, but don't tell him that.

We seriously woke up at like 7:00 am to go to this thing. And had been out all night the night before. I had to drag my friend Stephanie out the night before because she just wanted to sleep before we went that day. Now I feel like it would be the other way around. I totally plan on being in bed by like nine the night before this year so I can be ready to go that morning.

We only stayed until about 2 that day and I was ready to get home. I was the sober driver so that made it even more fun.

However, this year we have a friend who lives right around that area and so we will be able to go hang out there and sober up relax from being in the huge crowd all day. Last year it was pretty chilly so I'm hoping this year the weather is a little nicer. 

I've heard that the St. Louis Mardi Gras compares to New Orleans. However, I really highly doubt that because like I said, I saw one boob. And I feel like that's all you would see down there. But I've never been so who knows.

And I haven't thought of a Saturday term for old pictures so if anyone has any ideas shoot them at me and I'll probably just make that a hashtag and it'll totally catch on with the millions of users on Instagram and then I'll be social media famous.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm the Kinda Girl Who...

I love participating in link-ups because most of the time I am so out of ideas on what to post that it just helps to get the creative juices going. Or the lack thereof... Anyways, this link-up is so cute and is hosted by Hey Hollywood. If you haven't already, which I'm sure you have since I'm late to this always.. then you should totally go link-up with her!

...changes the background on my phone at least once a least...pretty sure I wrote about that one here

...takes my notes in class in only colored ink. No black, plain blue, or red for me. And definitely not pencil

...has to write every little detail of my day in my planner. I've been longing for an Erin Condren planner but for now I'll stick to my Target one. If I hadn't forgotten my backpack that has my planner in it at home today I would show you a picture of what I mean..but for now take my word for it

...would eat sushi for every meal of every day if I could. 

...considers my dogs to be my best friends

...has to have food with me at all times during my night classes. For some reason sitting in a class room for three hours makes me so unbelievably hungry. Like why can't I order Jimmy John's or Imos to class?

...would rather curl up and watch a movie than go out any day.

...has the hardest time in the entire world getting out of bed. Like why does the day start at 7:00 am and not 11:00 am?

...cannot wait to have a big girl job and live a big girl life. hashtag is college over yet?

...would like to look cute and put together every day. However, as soon as that alarm goes off in the morning sleep sounds so much better so it's jeans and a t-shirt for this girl most days.

That picture is also from a year and a half ago. And now I really miss my dark hair. That might be a project this weekend...

Also, don't forget to link-up with Treasure Tromp for Treat Yo Self Thursday!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

And I'm Lusting

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my lovers out there! Okay so maybe there is only one. But I like to consider everyone who reads this one of my loves so Happy day to you! It's snowing where I'm at. Again. I don't think I know what a ground not covered in snow looks like anymore so that's cool. And then I was off subject...

For my post today I decided to show you all everything I've been currently lusting over. Because why not, right? Valentine's Day is all about love after all, so here are some things I've been loving/lusting over lately. And while typing this I can just hear Nick saying "How does it feel to want?" ....

I have been obsessing over this bag foreverrrrr. Like I would probably sell my left arm for it. Not my right obviously, then I wouldn't be able to write or anything. But for sure my left. However, I would settle for this one if someone was actually thinking about getting one for me... :)

 Um I have had my eye on this planner since the day it came out. Can you say gorgeoussssss. I might even keep the Cleopatra on there instead of putting Becca... if I get it I'll totally let you know what I ended up deciding... Sidenote: I wish there were emoticons on here because I would totally use the thumbs up for everything...


This necklace is so adorable and dainty and I just want to hug it. Obviously I would get a B and an L for me and Luke's initials... Joking! Maybe... And N might have to replace that L :)

I think I've wanted this ring for the past like 556432 years. No joke, I've had my eye on it since I was in high school probably. It's so simple and cute and I just love it.

Then you have this Mint Essie nail polish that I just saw for the first time like a week ago. Where has the color been all my life?!! Seriously though, once I buy this expect to see a review and maybe 3422 pictures of it on my nails. Truth.

And in case you were wondering, this color is currently on my nails. Why am I telling you this? Maybe because I haven't been able to paint my nails for the past month. Aka since I got Luke who doesn't sit still when I'm doing anything. So I was more than overly excited when I was able to sit down and paint my nails at my parents the other day.

And because it is Valentine's Day. And because a year ago today Nick and I went on our first date. I have to put up our first picture of just the two of us from Valentine's Day last year. Funny story from last year though.. I actually had already had a date scheduled that night and Nick just so happened to ask me to go out to eat for lunch that day. So I went to lunch with him, rushed home to make the dinner date that night, then came back to Edwardsville so I could go out for my friends birthday and had Nick come along with us. My friend didn't know that he was one of the guys I had gone on a date with and instantly blurted out "Becca how was your two dates today?!". Instant red face and she went quiet as soon as she noticed what she had just done. So to this day Nick doesn't let me forget it. Last night he even asked me where my second date was planned... Oh boys...

 However, I am so glad that I chose to start a relationship with Nick and I wouldn't trade my life for anything. He really is the love of my life and does everything he can to make me happy. So in case you are reading this Nicholas, Happy Valentine's Day, I love you!

And this was the post from last year at this time because obviously these are some very important men in my life.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You single mama?

Friday started off as any other day. Luke was up at his usual 7:00 am. I'm still shocked that 7:00 am actually exist. I had planned on going in to work for a few hours that morning and then taking Luke to his vet appointment where my parents live (about 45 minutes away). However, that morning I was changing out fish's water and when I went to put him in his temporary bowl, he fell into the garbage disposal. Instant tears started coming out of my face. I just looked at Nick like what do I do? So he looked in there and didn't see anything so we assumed he had swam down the drain. However, I wanted to be absolutely sure so I stuck my hand in there and sure enough he was still in there. I screamed and pulled my hand out, Luke started barking, and I think Nick was just in pure shock. So Nick reached his hand down there and got Chip out and all was well. So I decided not to go to work because obviously this was a very traumatic experience for me and I couldn't handle it. So Luke and I packed up and started to head to my parents. 45 minutes away, remember? However, Luke decided he was going to be car sick for the first time since we got him and started drooling buckets of drool and puked every where in my car. Instant panic set in and I took him to the vet 2.5 hours early because I was so scared. The vet probably thought I was insane because he was just car sick but I was so worried. By the time we got back to my parents and he had played a little he was worn out. He slept pretty much from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am the next morning.

And in the middle of all that my dad, who is a rural mail carrier, got stuck out in the country. Apparently this trait runs in the family since now I have been stuck twice, my mom has been stuck, and my dad has gotten stuck. So I went out to help him and see if he could push while I drove but that didn't work and we had to wait for someone who I went to high school with to come help.
Okay so that was Friday. Saturday was thankfully just a relaxing day at home after I worked for awhile that morning. Luke and I really just sat around and watched the Olympics all day. And then Nick and I went to get him some new toys and new clothes from the pet store. I put his little coat on him yesterday and it's too small already. Sighhhh

Sunday was the coldest day of my life. Nick had a Snowball Softball tournament outside at Forest Park and let me tell you, I didn't know I could get that cold. BUT! The highlight of my weekend right here ladies and gents... During the tournament Lauren, Marissa and I went to a gas station to warm up a little bit. And while Marissa and I were in there she went to the bathroom and a nice young fellow happened to walk in. He takes one look at me and this is how our conversation went: NYF (Nice young fellow) "You single mama?" Me: "Huh?" NYF "You single mama?" Me: "Uh no" NYF "Oh good, a nice young lady like you shouldn't be." Then to the cashier NYF "Don't you think man?" Cashier "Uhhhh" And then I walked away. So there's that...

I am so so proud of Luke because while we were gone all day he didn't potty in his crate one time. He was one wild monster though when we got home. Him and Nick decided at 9:40 that it was a really good idea to start playing like wild maniacs. However, I didn't even mind because I adore both of them so much.
And Luke started a new thing that night. When it's time for bed he has decided that the top of my pillow or right on top of my face is the only place he will sleep. No joke, I moved him probably five times last night only to wake up in the middle of the night with him right on top of me. He's seriously attached to me. If I go to take a shower he whines at the door the entire time but if Nick takes a shower or leaves the room he could care less. Don't get me wrong, he loves Nick more than anything, but he's just super protective of me or something. He doesn't leave my side. And I love it. Most of the time...

So that was my weekend. Oh and yesterday I decided to go home early from class because I needed to go see my Grandma. On my way out of campus I got pulled over and got a speeding ticket. Then when Luke and I were on my way to see my Grandma he decided to pee on my front seat. And while at the old people home he was a perfect angel. For some reason (not that I'm complaining) he is so perfect when we're out but at home he's like a little baby t-rex or something. 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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