Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So Much Softball

I feel like this past weekend was the first weekend where it was really way super hot. Obviously, since it was the first day of summer. And also obviously, because Nick had a softball tournament on Saturday. None of his tournaments have ever had decent weather. It's always either super cold, raining, or really hot. Oh, or snowing and icy because that's perfect softball playing weather.

So Thursday I went to my youngest sister's volleyball games where I watched them actually win. No offense to them, but I'm just use to watching them lose all of the time. So this was a nice surprise. And Amy is doing really well. She better be anyways, because she is a senior and needs to be a leader for that team just like I was, while I sat on the bench and kept stats. P.s. I lettered in almost every sport offered by my school like wrestling, softball, volleyball, and girls basketball. And all I had to do was sit and keep stats. I feel like that's the way to do it.

Then Friday, Nick was suppose to have two games at 8:30 and 9:30. So when the weather said it might rain, I secretly was hoping for that. Not that I don't enjoy watching him play, because I do, I just wanted to have a night at home. Which is what we got because the second we pulled up to the field, they canceled the rest of the nights games due to the field being extremely flooded from the little storm that came through. So we stopped at Bobby's and I got another volcano because ice cream, duh and then we went to Kohls because for some reason I just discovered the clearance section of every single section other than the clothes and shoes and now I'm obsessed. Even though I haven't bought anything. And then we went home and just relaxed because that next morning we had to be up at 6:30 in order to make it to his first game for the tournament. 
I just relaxed with some dirty puppy paws because giving this maniac a bath has become a serious chore that I hate doing.

Saturday turned into a super long day. They won their first two games and then lost their third, which put them into the losers bracket. So they had to fight their way back and ended up playing 7 games and made it to the championship. However, once the fifth inning of the first championship game rolled around, they had to call it because a major storm began to roll in. Since they were winning after five innings, they just called that game done which meant that both teams had lost only one game the entire day. So in order to decide who actually won the entire thing, they did a coin flip. Yeah, I know. But it's alright because Suit Up won the coin flip which means they won the entire thing. So it was worth sitting outside in the extreme heat from 8 in the morning until 8 at night. And I shouldn't be complaining because all I did was sit and watch. Nick and Suit Up actually had to play in it. I would have died after the first game. 
After sitting outside all day, I did not feel like going out so I just went home while Nick and our friends went out to eat. Which was fine with me because I just wanted to go home and snuggle with Luke. He had other ideas though because a bug got into the house so that entertained him for at least an hour.
Sunday was spent at work and then at my parents. That morning required coffee, water, and gummy bears/worms because since Luke was home by himself for over 12 hours he was not ready for bed. Which meant him and I got to wake up at 2:30 and stay up until like 4 and then we slept on the couch. Which was so comfortable with a 65 pound dog pushing his way in between you and the couch so he can get comfortable.
It was a long weekend. But I hate Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so I would gladly go back to Friday and start all over.
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Monday, June 23, 2014

How It Would Go

Friday was bring your dog to work day. Which is probably the best day besides my birthday. However, with a dog like Luke, there's no way bring your dog to work day was going to work out for me. And the fact that my work doesn't celebrate such a day probably would have led to me getting in a little bit of trouble for bringing him, but that's neither here nor there.

But it's always fun to imagine what it would have been like had I brought him with me.

Our day would have started out just like it does any other day. Luke would wake me up 10 minutes after Nick leaves for work by whining at me and jumping around on the bed.
We would go for a walk (okay, we've only done that a handful of times so far, but lets just pretend it would have happened). Then we would come in and he would go to town on some water and then lay in the bathroom while I showered. While I'm getting ready he would eat his breakfast and then come upstairs and watch me get ready, just like every other morning.
After we were all ready to go, Luke would go crazy because he's about to go for a car ride. He would run around my car like a maniac for a few minutes and then finally jump inside. While driving he would look at me with the biggest smile on his face. I would think it's because he's really excited to be spending the day learning what Mom does at work every day but really it would probably be because he gets to stick his head out the window.
We would finally pull up to work an he would jump out while pulling me along with him because he's just so excited to go to new places. However, once we actually would get into the office this is where all of the fun would begin. He would bark his head off at all of the new people he's meeting until he finally realizes that they are all some super awesome people. Because I sit at a desk all day, he would get antsy and probably end up running around the entire office. Oh, and because we're a marketing office with 24235432 different computers and whatnot, he would probably destroy a few of those as well. After sniffing and searching through everything all morning and making new friends, he would probably come lay down by my feet. That is until someone moved or made even the slightest little noise. Then it would be up and at it again for him, because he has to inspect everything and make sure everything is alright.

By this time I'm sure I would be ready to pull my hair out and want to take him home. But if we're getting technical and talking about what I actually do on Fridays, I wouldn't be able to leave because I have class at 2. So we would have lunch, well I would have lunch and Luke would just sit there trying to steal my food, and then it would be more sitting. If I'm being real though, I wouldn't be sitting at all. I would be chasing him around the office like a mad man the entire time. And I'm not exaggerating. It would be the entire time. He has ADD or something.

Finally it would be time to go to class, where he would meet more new people, bark at them, and then probably try to help the teacher lecture. He's a really good helper. At least he likes to think so. He also likes to think I need help with everything, from going to the bathroom to doing the dishes. So he would probably run around the classroom, maybe eat a few of papers, and then sit and whine at me to take him outside 4231432 different times.

And this is how the day would end, because he would be so worn out from not taking a nap at all that he would probably pass out the second we got home. He enjoys sleeping all day and then being awake all night, so maybe I should risk getting him in trouble by bringing him to work with me so we can all actually get some sleep for once.
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Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm Actually 80

Today is Monday. Again. I act like I'm surprised that it's back, like I don't know when it's coming or something. However, so far this Monday has been 32432432 times better than last Monday so I guess I can't complain. Except that I'm about to fall asleep while typing this and I still have a three hour class to attend. On ethics in the media. Which really means I'm being taught by a philosophy teacher who loves Kant and Mill but has no idea who Kate Middleton or Justin Bieber are. So in other words I'm learning nothing about ethics in the media, which would actually be interesting. 

While I was sitting here trying to come up with the most fantastic idea for a post ever, I found myself really just wanting to go home and go back to bed. Because Luke decided to get up at 3:30 and go outside. Twice. And the second time we were out walking around some kids walked by and said "Hey sexy". Yeah, that happened. So while I was thinking about just crawling up under my desk and going to sleep, I decided to tell you why I'm actually an 80 year-old woman, not a 22 year-old college senior.

-If it were up to me you would find me cuddled up with Luke watching Gossip Girl reruns on any given Friday or Saturday. So maybe an 80 year-old wouldn't watch Gossip Girl but like an 80 year-old, I would rather stay in and cuddle instead of going out. Lame.

We wouldn't be watching Sports Center or whatever that show is though.

-My bedtime is seriously between 10:00 and 10:30 every night. It doesn't matter what night it is, once 10:00 rolls around my body starts to shut down. And if I have to stay up any later than that you can guarantee that I'm one super crabby person.

-I forget everything. I forget my assignments in class, I forget assignments at work, I forget what Nick told me ten minutes ago. He thinks I just don't listen to him, but I just forget anything and everything. I had to write this post idea in my notes on my phone so that when I got back to work in 10 minutes I wouldn't have forgotten it. Serious.

-Walking up the stairs makes me tired. This may be more because I'm out of shape and really need to start working out, but I can't walk up the stairs without getting super tired.

-If we do go out with friends I'll have one drink, maybe two, and that's it. Because I'll start to feel it after one and if I venture into drinking two I'll feel it the next morning too. Seriously, what 22 year-old can't handle just two drinks. Me, that's who.
One and I'm done.

-I'm a crazy dog lady. Sometimes I like to think I would have a million dogs if I could but then I think how do you split your time and attention between multiple dogs when I feel like Luke requires all of my attention at all times. But really, I prefer to hang out with my dog more than people. Which, when I think about it, isn't really a problem.

-If I could, I would take a nap, or 4, every day. I use to do this in high school but then school and work got in the way and summer break got taken away from me so it doesn't get to happen. I just get to day dream about it every day all day.

-I have to have my coffee and toast every morning. And sometimes cereal. Coca-puffs, so maybe I'm like 5 and 80 and 22 all at the same time. Who knows. But if I don't have my coffee and something to eat with it I can't start my day.

So after writing all of those I just realized I'm extremely lame. But I wouldn't want to be any other way. I like going to bed early and getting a bunch of sleep. I also really enjoy not being hungover any more. And my favorite thing to do is hang out with Luke, even if he does drive me insane 3/4 of the time.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Newest Obsession

First, these are all my own opinions. 
Second, that's because this isn't an ad or a sponsored post. 
I just thought I would fill you all in on my newest favorite obsession, because well, I'm obsessed.

For Easter my mom ordered these for my sisters and me. I didn't use it for the first couple of weeks and I am so sad I missed out on those weeks by not using it. I use it every day, multiple times a day. I'm not a big soda drinker, I may have one every once in awhile, at most I'll have like 6 or 7 a year. So when I finally decided to go out and buy fruit, this water bottle changed my life. Only drinking water all the time gets really old really fast, so adding fruit makes it ten times better. And you can really add any kind of fruit you like. The picture above has lime, lemons, and kiwi in it. I've done just lemons, just lime, and just kiwi as well. But strawberry is my favorite.
I actually had to teach myself how to cut up all of this fruit. How embarrassing is that? Oh well.

I put like 7 or 8 pieces of fruit in there. And one of the best parts is after I use lemon in one I put it down the garbage disposal and run it with hot water to make the kitchen smell awesome. 

You can find these on Amazon, or I think at Wal-Mart now. 
Do any of you already use these? If so, what kind of fruit combinations are your favorite?
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Please Tell Me Why Monday's Exist

I don't normally dread Mondays. I mean, I guess I do as much as the next person, but I really dread every day of the week that doesn't start with Friday or Saturday. So when Monday rolls around I just look at it as another day that I get to go to work/school. I cannot wait until I don't have to type the words "go to school" anymore. Seriously though, a Monday, Wednesday, Friday class for three hours from 2-5? Who made those up? And I digress...
As everyone was writing or still may be writing about the wonderful weekends they had, I decided I would write and tell you all about the fabulous Monday I experienced yesterday, from the time I woke up until the time I laid my head back down on that marvelous pillow to go to sleep. Prepare yourself for some TMI because that's how my morning started.

I woke up later than I wanted to, which happens a lot so whatever. After feeding Luke and taking him out for the 143214th time that morning, I decided I better shower and look halfway decent for the world. I have to keep the bathroom door open while I shower if I'm the only one at home because that way Luke isn't locked in the bathroom and if I lock him out I think he would have a panic attack and probably eat the carpet around the door. So after I started the shower I noticed that he wasn't upstairs running around or trying to get me to play rope while I'm standing there naked like he usually does. Seriously, who is raising this dog? Anyways, as soon as I noticed that I figured something must be wrong. So being the smart person I am, instead of wrapping myself in a towel like any normal person would do, I decided just to go downstairs naked and see what he was doing. Turns out he decided to poop, I mean have diarrhea, by the door. This wasn't any normal diarrhea either. It was two huge piles of it where he started one and continued to let it out while he walked a little ways and finished his business. After yelling at him and giving him the evilest stare I could muster up, I got to work cleaning it all up. This is the first time I had to puke while cleaning up his poop so that's also super cool. All while I'm naked. I can't even imagine having children. 

I finally get to shower, but it had been running the entire time the poop fiasco was going on so by the time I actually got in the shower it was cold. Awesome. So I quickly showered. I mean quicker than I ever have because it was so stinking cold. After stepping out of the shower I grabbed my towel and thankfully looked down at it before putting it on my body because I swear to you, the largest spider ever was crawling on that bad boy. I may have screamed a tad bit, and shook it off, then killed it with one of Luke's toys that was sitting right outside of the shower. I never thought those things laying around every where would ever come in handy. 

After all of that I went to eat lunch with my Mom, Grandma, and little cousin Aiden who's 10 months old. My mom decided I should feed him while they ate since I wasn't eating and let me tell you, it was a blast. Every thing I put in his mouth he would chew up and then spit out and laugh. Like I said, I can't imagine having children. I would probably go insane. 

During class we get a 15 minute break which means I have to get some sort of junk food from the vending machine because duh, it's class which is stressful enough without some sort of chocolate or chips easing my pain. So I did my normal routine of getting a bag of chips and some cookies and while reaching into the vending machine, it pinched my arm. Instant swelling and purple/redness appeared. Like I looked like I had shut my arm in the car door or something. I wanted to cry. Instead I grabbed my chips and cookies and ate them in silence/embarrassment in class.

That night I got home and made dinner and Nick's softball game was cancelled so everything seemed like it would go fine the rest of the night. Wrong. We took the keg from Nick's party back to the store and on the way home I HAD to have a milkshake, just like every other night according to Nick. I got a larger size thinking that I could save some for tonight so I wouldn't have to bother Nick with my constant nagging about going to get one. Wrong. The second I picked it up the put it in the freezer, the bottom broke off and out came all of my milkshake onto the floor. Cool. Thankfully I have a dog who loves to clean up anything off the floor. Joking. Sort of. I did clean it all up but Luke still insisted on sitting in that spot for the next half hour licking at it like I hadn't cleaned at all. 

Thankfully 10:30 rolled around and it was time for me to rest my eyes and go to sleep. Or so I thought. Luke had me up at 12:30 and again at 2:30 until about 3:15. So now it's time to go home and take a quick nap before it's time to go back to work tonight.

How was your Monday?
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Girls Dinner

It is seriously so hard to get me and my girlfriends together, even if it's just for an hour. So when we plan dinner together I get super excited, since I live with Nick and he can only take so much celebrity gossip and girl talk. Every time we get together for dinner we usually go to a Mexican restaurant because margaritas, duh. But last night we chose a cute little Italian restaurant that's only been in our area for about a year now. I've been there before and I really liked it so I obviously said yes when Chelsea suggested we go. 
I got the third picture which was shrimp, oysters, and shrimp broth over spaghetti. It was amazing. I wish I could have stopped in the middle so I had a lot of left over for today, but I have no self-control so that didn't happen. My friend Amanda had the meatballs, and yes, that's Nikki in the background comparing the meatballs to her boobs. Can you already see why I need girl time and not just "sit on the couch and watch Sports Center guy time"? Chelsea got the cannelloni and Nikki got something that I can't remember the name of and also didn't get a picture of because she was across the table from me and I'm lazy. 

I, for once, am glad I don't like wine. I'll let you all take a moment to gasp and contemplate ever reading this here blog of mine again. But I've never been able to get my taste buds to be bffs with wine. Maybe one day. However, last night I was glad I'm not a wine drinker because they order a bottle of wine to split between the three of them and didn't realize how much it was until the bill came.

We were able to catch up on all of our relationship gossip between the four of us, Chelsea and I were able to catch up on all the wedding updates given to us by both brides to be, Nikki and Amanda, and we were also able to catch up on all other gossip in our lives. It sucks that we don't all live close together anymore, since Nikki and Amanda decided to move from where I'm living now to my hometown, which we never would have thought would ever happen. Jerks. I'm already looking forward to getting together with them again. Even if it's just for a few hours, it's nice to get away and just be with my friends. Not that I don't enjoy every second I spend with Nick and Luke, but sometimes I need someone who is actually interested in the nonsense I'm talking about rather than just acting interested.

Update on yesterdays post: When I got home Luke had destroyed both of my tennis shoes. So that's cool.
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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Last week I let Luke take over the blog for the day so he could tell you all about his adventure with his crate. He informed you that we had decided to stop putting him in his crate and just let him have the run of the house while we were gone. And he was doing so well at being a good boy while we went to work. However, that quickly changed and on Thursday last week we came home to our first little piece of destruction. And this is where the story begins.
The boy doesn't even show any remorse.

Thursday night after Nick's softball game we walked in the house to notice a little tag laying on the ground. When I realized it was a tag to a hat I knew I had nothing to worry about. However, I knew Luke should be worried because Nick is pretty attached to his hats. Which, by the way, he should not be leaving where Luke can reach and I've been telling him he needs a place other than the kitchen chairs and tables to put them. I digress. Once Nick realized it wasn't one of his hats he has to wear for softball he wasn't as mad. And when I saw what hat it was, I wasn't mad at all. I actually laughed. I mean I obviously didn't tell Luke to do this, but had I had a choice in which hat he ate, the Cubs one would have been my first. So we cleaned up that mess and really thought nothing of it. It was just a hat, and it's not like he had destroyed anything else.

Then, on Tuesday this week, I came home after work and decided to take a nap. Luke laid down with me so I left the bedroom door open. I figured he wouldn't wake up until I did so I didn't think I had anything to worry about. And then karma for laughing at Nick's destroyed hat bit me in the ass. A little over an hour later I woke up and Luke wasn't in bed with me but I could hear him chewing on something rubber downstairs. I just assumed it was his ball so I closed my eyes. A few minutes later he came up with said "ball" and began chewing on it on the bed. When I opened my eyes I quickly realized it wasn't his ball but my sparkly pink Sperry instead. Instant panic set in because those are like my favorite shoes. And then more panic set in when I realized that pieces were missing and I had thought he had swallowed them. So I got up and went downstairs to find pieces of Sperry all over behind the couch. I was mad, but I can't stay mad at him for long so it quickly went away. Oh well, right? It could have been something else and at least it was my shoe and not one of Nicks. While at work I got a picture from Nick of Luke that made any sense of anger I had at Luke go away because he knows exactly what to do to make us forgive him instantly. 

Then yesterday Nick got home from work before me and I received a nice little text message containing some not so nice words so I'll just paraphrase it for you. "He pooped and ate it and also ate your other Sperry." Oh, awesome. He never poops in the house. So that's cool. I was just glad it wasn't me coming home first so I didn't have to clean anything up. A few minutes later I received the picture of my last remaining Sperry.
The inside of that is suppose to have a brown sole by the way. I asked Nick if Luke had left little pieces all over again and Nick let me know that, no he had not left any trace of evidence behind. Well, besides the shoe that obviously wouldn't fit down his throat or I'm sure he would have eaten that too. While I was on my way home from class later that day I got another nice little text from Nick, which I will paraphrase again for you. "He just puked up poop and Sperry." At this point I couldn't help but laugh because Nick hates cleaning up any bodily fluid that comes out of Luke and now he was having to clean up puked up poop and shoe. When I got home I could tell Luke had an upset belly because he just kept laying around the house. A little while later, Nick and I decided to go get some dinner, thinking Luke would just sleep while we were gone. But we were wrong again. As soon as we stepped in the door the overwhelming smell of poop made me want to throw up. Luke had pooped by the door, on the hardwood this time thank god, and had eaten it again. I'm pretty sure by this point Nick was ready to just let him out the door and run free. Thankfully for Luke, I would never let that happen. And Nick wouldn't actually do it. So this time it was me cleaning up his poop and wanting to throw up. After cleaning it up with soapy water, vacuuming the entire living room, and then mopping the hardwood, it stopped smelling like poop in my house. 

He was left out on his own again today while Nick and I are at work. Nick gets to get home to him first, so we will see what happens. I'm crossing my fingers he doesn't do anything because I really don't want to put him in a crate again. So hopefully tomorrow I don't have any updates on something else he has destroyed or pooped on. Oh the joys of having a puppy.
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