Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY Glitter Board!

Let me just start off by saying I am so excited I finally did this project! I just love glitter so much! With no instructions on how to do this it was a little tricky at first but thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, Alex, we got it figured out!

To start off with you will need:
A wooden board (I got mine from Michaels, of course)
Mod Podge
Painters Tape
A Pencil
Most importantly, Glitter! (From Michaels again)
*Note: the glitter is kind of expensive, but I have signed up for their membership club (which I highly recommend) and they are always having coupons for their members and for their non-members that you can combine

First find the middle of the wood

Then what I did since my board was 12x12 was make a little tick every 1.6 inches

Then from the middle I drew a line to every little tick I had made

I ended up with 32 little areas

Then I taped off my first area to start the glittering

I painted some mod podge using a sponge brush onto the board
Just a light coat, nothing to heavy because then you don't get the flat effect

I spaced them out at first so I could let them dry

Just keep going around with the glitter.
After awhile I stopped using the tape because it was taking the glitter off. I just carefully painted the mod podge onto the board in between two colors.

And there you have it. The finished product! I need to fix some spots but overall I just love it! :)

Try it for yourself! It's pretty easy and like my cousin always says, "glitter makes everything better!" Thanks for reading!

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