Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Findings!

Greetings! I have been searching the web all week for some things to include in today's findings! The first thing I have found has made me want to travel to Utah! Check it out :)

The Up! house was built in real life!
It even features pictures of Carl and Ellie inside hanging on the walls. Click the link to watch a video about it. It is adorable!

Earlier this week I found the inspiration for my next DIY. Let me tell you now that the lady who made this works for Martha Stewart. She doesn't have any instructions on how to make this so it might be a bit of a challenge but I just want one of these so bad! :) You can check out her Etsy site here.

Isn't this a.m.a.z.i.n.g.?! I cannot wait to have this hanging in my room!

   My last finding is the greatest make-up site ever. Ok, I admit, I didn't just find this. I have known about it for a few years now, but I believe every girl/lady/woman should know about this site. Their make-up works great. I use it for everything. And the best part? It is CHEAP! Say it with me ... cheap make-up. That's right, it does exist. And the best thing? Groupon offers deals for this place quite often. I have already scored 2 $15 for $30 to this website!

They are almost always offering free shipping or other great deals.

 You can get one of these bareMinerals eye shadows for $13
You can get 4 of these elf mineral eye shadows for $12 - $3 each.
Great huh?

That is not all. Most of their make-up brushes range from $1-$5. They have everything and it's at a great price. I am so happy I found this site and I hope you head on over and check it out as well! 

Thanks for reading! Have a happy Friday! 

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