Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In case you need a spirit lifter...

I am here with some funny pictures and some inspirational pictures from Pinterest.

I cringe.
Story of my life.
Lord, help us all.
Yeah, pretty much.

I hope you are all having a great day!
Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fairs, Friends and Fourwheelers

Hello and happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

My weekend consisted of exactly what the title says.

Friday I went to a county fair. 
Usually I go to one a summer.
This summer I have been to four.
Yes, four. And I am sure there will be more.
I got to watch a pig auction.
And make sure I didn't step in cow poop.
But I did have fun :)
I got a taco-in-a-bag.
It might look gross but it is delish.
It has fritos, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream.

Saturday I laid out and watched True Blood.
Then went to schedule my next tattoo appointment.
Oh, and spent money I really shouldn't have spent.
Oh, well :)

Then I went over to Lisa's and this is how our Saturday night started out.

Yes, that is her doing a puzzle.
On a Saturday night.
We are awesome, let me tell you.
And yes, that is also National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on TV.
In July.

Anyways, we got so bored we decided to crash a wedding.
Well sort of.
Her parents were invited, but we weren't.
The movie made it seem more fun.

Sunday I went a saw my grandma and got some sushi.
Then I went creek riding with Jake.
Great picture, I know.
He took it and as you can tell I was opposed, but did he listen? 
What is creek riding you ask?
You ride your fourwheeler up and down what should be a creek.
But since Illinois has had NO rain since about May, there is no creek.
Just some spots full of water.
So we rode ... for hours ... and got extremely muddy and extremely wet.
Oh, and stuck because Jake didn't listen to me when I told him NOT to go through the water.
Boys and their ability to completely tune a woman out when she is right.
But I do enjoy a four wheeler ride, so it was fun.
It was a first for me and I have to say, if you get a chance, you should deff. try it out.

What did you do this weekend?
Thanks for reading! :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Findings!

It is Friday!
Kidding, this week hasn't been all that bad.
But I am glad it is the weekend.
Specifically for that fact that I love sleeping in.
Take for example, today. Slept until 11. Loveeeeeee
My first is fun, people.

Anywho, I hope you are all having a GREAT day!
Onto the Friday Findings!

This week I have discovered a new TV show. Well, not exactly new to some people. But new to me. And I am addicted.
Good thing I have a friend with all the seasons.
And I cannot wait until this man graces the episodes with his presence.
Do you need another reason to watch?
No, I didn't think so.

In other news, DWTS has announced it's all star cast.
I don't know about you, but for some reason I love this show.
Joining the cast again will be Bristol Palin, Emmitt Smith, Pam Anderson, Apolo Ohno, Kirstie Alley, Drew Lachey, Shawn Johnson, Gilles Marini, Kelley Monaco, Joey Fatone, Melissa Rycroft, and Helio Castroneves. 
This year they are leaving the last slot open to voters.
It can either be Kyle Massey, Sabrina Bryan, or Carson Kressley. 
Should be interesting!

21 Jump Street.
You need to watch it.

That is all for today!
Have a great weekend! :)
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

21 in 21

Hello lovlies! 
It is Thursday.
Which means it's my Friday this week.
Holla! :)

Anyways, I am so excited to be doing this link up today! Erin at Living in Yellow is one of my favorite bloggers. You should check her out. Like immediately. Like yesterday. 

Her link up is called "Blank in blank" and all you do is fill in your age and think up that number of things to do in the year. Since I turn 21 in 87 days (who's counting?) I decided to make it 21 in 21.

Numero uno. Celebrate my 21 with everyone I love.
I even made a glass for this special occasion. 

2. Go on a road trip.
I don't care who it is with.
I just really want to get in a car and drive.

3. Be on the Dean's list both semesters.
No I am not a nerd.
Yes, I do enjoy getting good grades.

4. Fly some where.
Preferably with a beach.
And white sand.

5. Go to a concert.
Country music only, please.

6. Get back to my high school weight.

7. Celebrate "Drinksgiving" with my friends.
Yes, we made that holiday up.
No, we are not alcoholics.

8. Pass the teachers test.

9. Get to 100 GFC followers.

10. Get my third tattoo.
And fourth. :)

11. Cure my addiction to social media.
Ha, yeah right.

12. Go to the zoo and see the new sea lion exhibit.

13. Take a trip up to Chicago.
Actually, multiple trips.
I love that place.

14. Learn how to french braid.
Yes, I am 20.
No, I don't know how to french braid.
Don't judge.

15. Go to at least 2 states I have never been to.
East coast, here I come!
Those arrows are pointing to NYC and Wilmington.

16. Start eating healthy and continue it.
I eat healthy like one day.
Then I crave a cheese burger or something.

17. Seriously start saving to pay off my outrageous student loans.
Whyyyy is it so hard to avoid the shoe department?

18. Go camping.
I don't know if I could handle a tent.
I don't know, we shall see.

19. Volunteer somewhere.
I suck at this. 
But I would like to get better.

20. Have a paint fight.
Or a food fight.
Or a colored powder fight.
Just a messy fight in general.

21. Keep my relationships with my family and my friends as strong as they are now.
Right now I feel I am in a great place with my relationships and I want to keep them that way.

So now you need to head on over and link up with Miss Erin!
Or tell me in the comments some things you hope to accomplish!
Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An Aquarium Tour!

Hello and happy Wednesday! The week is half way over!
Yesterday I went to the aquarium in St. Louis with my sister, her boyfriend Tony, and Jake.
We had a Groupon for a back stage tour of the place.
It was alright, but after you've been to an actual aquarium like the one in Chicago, this one kind of sucks.
But I got a lot of pictures. Of course :)

The little fish that sucked the dead skin off your hand.
Yeah, gross.
Tortoises and sugar gliders. 
Touching sharks and star fish.
Feeding a sloth. 
It was a mean and greedy sloth.
Feeding the sea turtles.
Feeding the sea otters and ant eater.
Snakes. The top right picture is Carrie. Standing in the offices.
She is kind of scared of snakes. Ha :)
Jake, me, Carrie, and Tony.

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A rant...

Alright peeps, today I am doing something I don't normally do on here.
I am ranting.
About Facebook.
Don't judge.

I am just getting sick of my ENTIRE news feed being all those stupid pictures people are supposed to like.

Like if you love your mother. Keep scrolling if you want her dead.
Like if you brush your teeth. Keep scrolling if you don't.
Come on people.

I have started to hide every person who likes a picture like that on my news feed. Which means I don't get half of the friends on my Facebook's updates because I have hidden them. It's just annoying people. I want to know what's going on in your life. I don't want to see some stupid picture you have liked.

That ends my rant for the day.
Sorry if I offended anyone.
But seriously, stop.

On a side note, toady is National Tequila Day.
Want some recipes for a good drink to celebrate?


(Refreshment with a kick!)

• 2 oz. silver tequila (may also be called Blanco - Plata - White - Platinum; recipe suggests Milagro Silver)
• 2 oz. margarita mix
• 4 slices cucumber
• One pinch cilantro
• One jalapeño
Muddle cucumbers and herbs, add remaining ingredients. Shake with ice and strain into rocks glass with ice. Garnish with cucumber slice. 

La Vida Dulce

(For those who love the sweet life. The recipe was originally part of Milagro Tequila's Tacos Evolved Tour, held at Tasting Table's Test Kitchen.)

• 2 oz. reposado tequila (traditionally also referred to as "rested" and "aged")
• .75 oz. Lillet Blanc (or similar French apertif)
• .25 oz. Sauternes (or similar French sweet wine)
• 2 dashes lemon bitters 
• 2 dashes orange bitters (recipe suggests Bitter Truth bitters or similar)
Serve in a rocks glass with lemon zest garnish. 

Endless Summer

(In case you wish July 24 could last forever)

• 1 oz. extra-aged tequila such as Patrón Añejo
• ¾ oz. fresh grapefruit juice
• ¾ oz. vermouth
• ¾ oz. apricot brandy
In an ice-filled mixing glass, add all ingredients and shake until well-blended. Strain into a chilled glass. 

Herradura Splash

(The 98-calorie option for outdoor lounging.)

• 1.25 oz. Silver tequila
• 2 oz. pineapple juice
• 2 oz. cranberry juice
• Splash of diet lemon-lime soda
In a cocktail shaker, add ice, then all ingredients and shake. Serve over ice.

These were taken from here.

That is all.
Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

I admit it, I was wrong...

This doesn't happen very often, so take full advantage of it now. But yes I was wrong ... more about that in a minute.

Oh Monday, we meet again.
 For some reason I keep thinking it is the middle of the week.
 Don't ask why. My brain is on ultimate Monday mode right now.
Anywho, this weekend was a pretty good one. It went by a little to fast for my liking though. But doesn't that always happen?

Friday I watched this little boy.
Later that night I went over to my friend Lisa's house and some of us went up to a little carnival in a town next to us. I just really wanted a corn dog (don't judge). It was awful. Yes, I ate most of it. But with like 2 bites left I couldn't finish it so I just gave it to one of my friends to finish. After we left there we all just hung out and talked. It was nice to catch up.

Saturday I went to the movies to see The Dark Knight Rises.
This is me. Being forced to go. I really dislike superhero movies. This guy, on the other hand, almost had a heart attack he was so excited for the movie. I'm not lying. 
And this is where I admit to being wrong.
I ended up enjoying it very much. I haven't seen the first one and I've only seen the second one once, but I really liked this one. Maybe I'll go watch the first two. But probably not.

I spent my Sunday how every girl loves spending her Sundays.
First I went here:

Then I went here:
And then I went here:
I know, you should totally be jealous.
Actually, I had fun. The food at Hooters was good and I got to spend the whole day with someone who I very much enjoy being around. So I can't complain.

Also Sunday, a new family member was added to our ever growing family!

Baby Saige decided to join us. She is adorable and precious and I cannot wait to meet her. Congratulations to my cousins Cam and Jade on a gorgeous baby girl! :)

How did you all spend your weekend?
Thanks for reading! :)