Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things to do this summer!

   Alex and I will now have Fridays off together. I don't think this has happened in...ever. So of course I had to make a list of things we will be doing together this summer. And of course he agrees :). I made up a list of quite a few things so this can help you if you need ideas on what to do this summer. Whether it be with your lover, your friends or your family these are some awesome ideas (I think so anyways). 

1. Go to the zoo

2. Have a paint fight or a colored powder fight

3. Go to the beach (the lake beach for us, boo)

4. Bow fishing (yes, I do this)

5. Crafts (duh)

6. Water balloon fight

7. Six Flags

8. A water park

9. Go on a picnic

10. Go bowling

11. Sidewalk chalk (it better be that good too ;-))

12. Bike rides

13. Camping (probably not going to happen for me but you might enjoy it)

14. Cardinals game (or any baseball teams game but I recommend a Cards game)

15. Tropical Sno

16. Have a bon fire

17. Go to the drive in (That is our very own drive-in theatre)

18. Fishing

19. Catch lightning bugs

20. Ty-dye t-shirts

21. Watch the stars

22. All night movie night

23. Dinner at a fancy restaurant

24. Fly kites

25. Just drive somewhere random

26. Board games

27. Cook each other dinner

28. Go to a farmers market

29. Go hiking

30. Go for ice cream

31. Plant a tree

32. Go for breakfast instead of dinner

33. A ghost tour

34. Play tourist

35. Brunch and a matinee

  Obviously I am a kid at heart. But I like it that way. I can't wait to have a paint fight! I hope this helps if you ever run into a problem deciding what to do during the summer. I am so ready for summer time! Thanks for reading! :)

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