Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Findings! Easter time! :)

Tonight is the big night. It will be the night I win $640 million! Ok, not really but I can dream right? :) Oh how lucky whoever wins that money will be. Or not be. Who knows. All I know is that I am hoping to be the lucky person :). Anyways on to the Friday Findings...

#1. Sexy Divide
#2. Luxeffects
#3. Sure Shot
#4. Go Overboard
#5. Neutral Nailpolish
(Once again, I just love Essie!)

Since next weekend is Easter I decided I would share with you some of the ways I am wanting to dye eggs. Hopefully after next weekend I will have pictures of my own to show you! The links to the websites with instructions on how to do the eggs is right below each picture! :)

And for a few more Easter ideas (as if I didn't just give you enough), you can head on over to my Pinterest board Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I crafted my own smoothie! :)

So I know I said I was going to start making food and sharing the recipes on here. Well I didn't necessarily make real food but I did make a smoothie! I found a recipe for it on the internet but then added more and changed the amount of stuff I put into it. It is super yummy and my boyfriend agrees with me which is hard to get him to do ;-).

¾ cup water
2 green tea bags
1/3-cup blueberries
1 cup strawberries
A whole banana
6 ounces low fat vanilla yogurt - I used Wal-Mart great value yogurt they come in 6 ounce packets
2 tablespoons flax seeds

The night before you want to make the green tea. I just warm up some water in the microwave and then let the tea bags sit in the water for awhile then I just let it sit in the fridge over night. I also put all of the fruit in a baggy and freeze it over night. The next morning I combine all of the ingredients in the blender and blend! This makes about two servings unless you are really hungry, then only one :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a bird, it's a plane... No, it really is a bird!

So in an earlier post I mentioned my cousin and I had to get a bird out of her house. Now I am starting to think birds follow me around because tonight my aunt and uncle had a bird in their house! My mom was leaving and when she opened the door in flew a bird. Instead of having just two people trying to get a bird out of a house there were six. Let me tell you, it was hilarious! And of course, I got it on video. Both incidents actually. Although neither one captures the initial shock of a bird being in the house the second parts are almost just as funny. Of course I had to post about them and share it with you!

This is from my cousin's house the other day.
This is after the bird had flown into the house.

Finally we got it out. To bad I didn't film my Uncle catching it.

**Note: no birds were harmed during the filming of these vides. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My attempt at getting organized

A few weeks ago I decided that for the rest of the semester I was going to be extremely organized. But in order to do that I felt like I needed to go out and buy a planner. Instead of running out to Wal-Mart I decided to search Pinterest instead. And guess what, I found everything I was looking for and more. I just printed out the sheets I decided I wanted to use and bound them together. It is perfect for what I was looking for. Here are the pictures of my planner. I could only find some of the sites for a few of them but I will include multiple incase you decide you want something a little different. Enjoy! :)

Here are some extra websites. You can also just go to Pinterest and search Organization which is what I did and it pulls up tons of great ideas!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mushroom hunting and a little cousin

Actually make that two little cousins. Today my cousin had a baby girl! Welcome to the world Baby R! :)

Yesterday (Sunday) I had a pretty eventful day. It started off by helping my Aunt teach Sunday school. Then I went home to take a nap but realized I just was not that tired. So I called my cousin and she told me to come over because there was a bird trapped in her wood burning stove. Now let me tell you, I have never tried to catch a bird nor have I had to shoo one out of a house. I knew this was going to be interesting. As soon as I got there she says "operation bird is on". We went inside and she had told me her idea. We were going to tape a trash bag all around the door of the wood burner then open the door with the bag and the bird was going to fly into the bag and we would let it outside. Simple enough I thought. No. We tapped it but the one and only side I tapped I must have done wrong. As soon as we opened the door the bird flew right out of the bag. We both jumped back and screamed so loud my throat hurt the rest of the day. We seriously could have won $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos. While we were jumping away and screaming her dog, Oshie, ran after the bird. First the bird flew into the screen door (smart bird) but it was shut (stupid humans). Then it flew into the window and kept trying to fly out of it. So my cousin threw me Oshie and she went and got her trash can and was able to catch the bird that way and let it out. To say the least it was quite the adventure and we saved the birds life. Go us! :)

Later that day we had a family get together at my Aunt's house because my Uncle was in town from Texas. I got the seal of approval on the sauce I mentioned in an earlier post so that made me pretty happy. Then we decided to go mushroom hunting. This was a first for me and I rocked! I found two mushrooms and so did my Uncle but my Mom and other Uncle did not find any. Score! :) Basically all you do is walk around the woods after it has rained and been hot outside which I am assuming makes the mushrooms grow. They generally grow near dead trees.

 Molly and Blitz (the dogs) helped us too. :)

 ^^ That right there is what you are supposed to look for. My Uncle said it is easier in the middle of the day when the sun is shining. We went at sunset so maybe it was harder. I do not know, all I know is I found two. :)

Today I got to hang out with my little cousin for awhile. He just loves anything with a steering wheel and my Uncle has a polaris that he loves riding in. So we took a little journey around the yard in it today and he had a blast like always. He tries to steer himself and won't let anyone else touch the steering wheel. He also tries to turn the key so the whole thing shuts off (sneaky little guy).

 Wearing Grandpa's hat :)
 Looking at the cranes down the road.
 Having a blast! :)
Working outside with Grandpa and Daddy. :)

So that is how my past couple of days have gone. How have your's gone? I hope just as well as mine! :) I got together a smoothie recipe to make in morning so after I try it I will have  to let you know how it went! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cookout! .. well kind of

So last night my friends and I all had a cook out. Kind of. It was mainly the boys outside in the garage since it was pouring rain cooking the food and the girls inside in the nice warm house waiting for the food to be made. :) We are so nice, I know.

Anyways, I made this sauce called Comeback Sauce. It was not the hit I thought it would be although a few people did "sort of" like it but it did not keep the "coming back" for more. I heard a few times that it was to tomatoey which I agree it kind of was. So maybe if I choose to make it again I'll cut back on the ketchup.

We had so much food though that this sauce really didn't matter. We had hamburgers, brats, shrimp kabobs, salad, chips, cookies, mini angel food cakes, and wings. I am sure there was more I just cannot think of it right now. Thank you to my friends parents for getting all the food for us and to two of my friends for bringing the salad and the cookies/mini angel food cakes! I'd say last night was a hit even if it rained all day and all night.

A lot of my friends and I have started playing the new game from OMGpop Draw Something. If you have not played it get it! You can have it on the Android phones or the iPhone. It is wonderful. Anyways, while we were literally all sitting around the dinning room table playing each other on draw something my friend without a smart phone suggests we play pictionary in real life. One friend says "whats that?" so she replied "draw something" to which he then agreed to play. Oh technology... We had it split up into boys versus girls and each team won once.

After that we watched the movie 50/50 which I do recommend. I love Seth Rogan I think he is just so funny. It's a movie about Seth Rogan's friend who has cancer but it is not a sad depressing movie. It is actually a funny up lifting movie. I mean yes some moments are sad but most of the movie is funny and light hearted.

That is all for right now. I have no plans today which is nice so maybe I will think of things to blog about while I am laying around ;-). Or I could clean or do homework. No I don't think so. Have a great day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Why I love spring!

It may only be the third official day of spring but it has felt like it for a few weeks now! It also feels like summer because of the rain showers while it's light outside. Anyways here are some pictures from the past couple days :)

Friday Findings!

So I have decided that I am going to devote Fridays to Friday Findings! This will consist of anything that I come upon during the week that I don't post that same day or things I find on Friday while I sit bored at work. :) 

Anyways, here are the things I have found today!

#1. Pop Art Pink
#2. Turquoise and Caicos
#3. Navigate Her
#4. Watermelon
#5. To Buy or Not to Buy
(I just love Essie!)

I have also found two awesome awesome awesome blogs already and it is only my second day here! I highly recommend going to:


They are two great blogs and I am so glad I stumbled upon them so early in my blogging journey! I will definitely be looking to them for inspiration!

Another thing I have come upon recently is taking language courses for free ...  click here!
It's the BBC website and they offer all kinds of different languages to learn. I just started my first course in Italian. They are supposed to be 12 week courses. They have 12 videos and with each video are little activities you can do to learn the language. They send you weekly reminders and tips to help you along with learning. I am guessing someone could watch a video each day and be done in 12 days, so really it doesn't have to be 12 whole weeks. Anyways I love it so far and I am hoping I pick up on some Italian. I feel as if that would be kind of neat! 

Onto the next finding...

So at the end of the work day I came across this article. For just 70 million dollars this little gem could be yours! It is a ring made entirely out of diamond. Thats right, entirely.

That is all for now! Tonight my friends and I are having a cook out and I made this sauce called Comeback Sauce that I found on Pinterest. I will post pictures and the recipe tomorrow if it turns out yummy!