Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY Framed Sayings

Here is a simple DIY for you to do! 

I found some printables at another blog. I will provide the links below.
I got the 5x7 frames at Dollar General (2 for 3.50)
I used the paint that I had from other projects

Print out this one from here.

Print out this one from here.

Tape off the frame using painters tape so you don't get paint on the glass

The write on it with white board markers.

Alex gets this one. He hasn't seen it yet. But now he will. :)

There you go. Simple enough right? :) Happing DIYing! :) Thank you for reading!


Hannah said...

I love this idea! There is no end to what you can put in frames to decorate a room! I have wrapping paper in some in my bedroom! They look fab!
Hannah x

JoJo said...

cute idea! i loved framed things - i'm currently creating a framed wall at the top of my staircase and it's surprisingly more tedious of a task than i initially thought!

sure it will look good in the end though :)


Becca said...

I love the wrapping paper idea! And the framed wall idea! I'm sure they both look awesome!