Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A day of opening :) and closing :( ...

Today is a day of two opposite emotions. One, it is opening day for the World Series Champs the Stl CARDINALS!! Heck yes! Oh how it feels as if just yesterday I was running around the house yelling catch that ball, catch that ball! No one thought they could do it, but their loyal fans stayed true and in the end they prevailed! They got their 11th championship in 2011, so obviously they have to win again this year, and next, oh and the year after that. They may as well just keep going.

Their faces in this picture make me smile :)

Last year some animals also animals make their ways into the lives and hearts of many Cardinal fans. Who can forget the cute little Rally Squirrel or Torty Craig? :)

Here is my favorite picture from the post-season. Of course it involves David Freese, and of course it is his walk off home run to take the Cardinals into game seven!

This season is sure to bring a lot of excitement. We will get to see Berkman at first base for the first time and we will welcome back Descalso and Furcal to the infield. Most importantly we will get to see some more of Mr. David Freese. :)

Now on to the sad news. Tonight will the be final night I will ever get to watch a brand new One Tree Hill episode. I know, you will cry, along with me, tonight too. Us loyal One Tree Hill fans have been through it all. From car accidents to shootings, from weddings and babies to break-ups and cat fights. This season has been packed full of drama and emotions. We finally got to see Brooke with her to adorable little boys but we also had to endure Haley's pain with her while she waited for Nathan to return home. We lost one of the characters that we have seen every season as Dan Scott passed away. You either loved him or hated him. Personally I ended up loving him and crying that entire episode. I found some of these collages on the internet and made the last two on my own. Good bye One Tree Hill, until we meet again.

Season 1
Where it all started. Haley and Nathan fall in love. Brooke, Peyton and Lucas start the almost never ending love triangle. 

Season 2
Nathan and Haley get married (aww). Lucas, Peyton and Brooke are still in a never ending love triangle.

Season 3
Nathan and Haley get married (again). Peyton dates Pete Wentz and Brooke hooks up with the guy next door. Oh, and Lucas is in the middle of both of them. This is also the season of the school shooting (one of the most emotional episodes).

Season 4
Haley and Nathan welcome James Lucas Scott into their lives. Peyton and Lucas get together and stay together. Brooke finally figures out she doesn't need a guy to be happy.

Season 5
Flash forward four years. The Tree Hill gang is now out of college. Lucas almost marries Lindsay, obviously the wrong girl for him. And Brooke gets to foster a little girl, which makes her want more babies. Haley and Nathan's son Jamie gets kidnapped by evil nanny Carrie.

Season 6
Lucas and Peyton get married and have a baby! This is also the last time we will see them on the show together. Julian wants to make a movie about Lucas's book and instead falls in love with Brooke. Nathan, Haley and Jamie go through the struggles of loosing a close friend.

Season 7
A new girl is in town and trying to steal Julian from Brooke (of course it doesn't work). Haley looses her mom but becomes closer then ever to her sister Quinn. Clay and Quinn begin to get close but then get shot.

Season 8
Brooke and Julian get married! Haley has a baby girl who she names Lydia after her mom. Quinn and Clay recover after being shot by a crazy lady. Nathan decides to leave the playing part of basketball and join Clay in recruiting players.

Season 9 so far
So far this season: Nathan has been kidnapped, Lucas comes back for an episode to comfort Haley, Alex leaves Tree Hill for good, Chase beats Chuck's dad and gets kicked out of the Air Force, Dan finds Nathan and saves him but gets shot and dies. So much going on for one season! 

I am sad to see them go but I am glad they got to go on their own terms and the way the producers wanted to leave the show. 

Thanks for reading, or just checking out the pictures. Either way, thank you for stopping by! :)

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