Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am all over the place in this one

Wow, it has been a whole week since I have posted last. 
I never thought I would be that busy that I wouldn't post for a whole week.
But it happened.
School happened.
That is not good.
Time to go back to being lazy.

Anyways, in the past week I have done ... well .... nothing really.
Besides school work.
And some occasional naps.

The good news is that it's already Thursday.
The even better news is that I just keep filling up my calendar and for the next six weekends I have something to look forward to.
For example, we have my friends 21st birthday, a trip to Chicago, a concert consisting of not one but FOUR country singers, a little thing called Pumpkinfest, a gender reveal party, another trip to Ohio, and oh, I almost forgot, my 21st birthday! :)
Phew, I get exhausted just thinking about all of that.
But excited at the same time, obvs.
First, lets just send a little congrats over to my friend (I wish)
She gave birth to a little baby boy
Tennessee James Toth
I'm not big on the whole celeb naming thing
But I'm sure this is one adorbs babyyyyy

Also, can we just talk about burnt mouths for a minute.
I burnt my tongue/roof of my mouth two days ago.
And while eating lunch today I felt like my mouth was going to fall off.
The roof of my mouth seriously hurt so bad.
And I feel like I lost all taste buds on my tongue.
Note to self: next time don't dive straight into the food.

Next, let me just tell you that I have started observing in the classroom.
I am in a classroom full of kindergartners and I just love it.
Seriously, they like make my entire week.
I am 100% sure I have chosen the correct career for me.

Another thing
I. Hate. Politics.
Like there are probably only a few other things in this world I hate more.
I hate listening to politicians talk.
I hate hearing people talk about politicians.
I hate that the election is coming up.
I hate that the only thing politics is about is pretty much lies and being rude.
I hate all the people on social media who think they are soooo smart in the political department so they post shit on Facebook and they're all like "oh this guy sucks and this guy is so much better" and then someone else comments and says "you are so wrong and I'm going to start a fight on here"
Come on people.
I just hate politics.
End rant.
I should probably start on my paper.
I mean, it's not due today or anything.
Just tomorrow.
No big deal.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Rip his f'n head off!

Sorry, sorry ... I just pictured myself back at the game
And that's what they yell
Well the students ... well some of them
I did.
It was an amazing experience to say the least
105,000 people were packed into the stadium Saturday
105,000 people, people!
That is a shit ton of people!
It was amazing!

Obvs I took a hundred pictures ....
From left to right: Aunt Teresa, Uncle Scott, Me, Courtney, and Heather

I just wanted to let you all know I was safe. Batman was there. In full outfit.
Just in case Bane decided to make an appearance and like blow the stadium up or something....
Making buckeye necklaces!

The bottom left picture is hard to tell but it's John Glenn and his wifey
The OSU band honored them and the whole NASA program
Anddd then we have this enormous sundea that I ate all by myself
Kidding ... completely
It was 12 brownies and 6 scoops of ice cream with whipped cream, carmel, fudge and sprinkles
It was heaven in a bowl the size of my head
And then Saturday night we sat around the fire
It was a great whirlwind weekend and I loved it!

And what makes writing my weekend update post on Thursday even better is the fact that tomorrow is the weekend again! 
Makes. My. Day.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Husbands

Yes, I said husbands
With an S.
It happens.

Let me just introduce you to them
In no certain order
Because that would be rude
Just in case they read this sometime in the future, obvs
David Freese.
Ohhh Mr. Freese, how you instantly captured my heart last season
And we all know you are just waiting for the right time to hit a homerun ball to me that says "will you marry me?" 

Sam Bradford
I do not hold it against you that you play for the StL Rams .. 
But that is only because you are a very studly human being.

Rory Mcilory
I am sorry to say that golf is like an insanely boring sport
But you make it worth watching
Your accent might help a little bit too...

Dear Tj Oshie, 
It wasn't until I saw you speak on TV about the NHL lock out tonight that I decided you could be on this list.
And now if we could just do something about that hair...

Oh Bryce Harper
Your age and your temper should turn me away
But I just cannot help but just look at you and smile
You are just so darn cute!

And there you have it...
I may or may not have a slight obsession with sports players
Except for NBA players .... gross

Who is your future husband(s)?
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Me, Myself, and I!

I am back from my crazy, whirlwind of a weekend.
Actually I was back yesterday, but not really "back" mentally.
It was an exhausting weekend.
Pics to come on that later this week!

For today I am linking up over here for Me, Myself, and I.
I mean, who doesn't love to talk about themself?
I will be the first to admit I love talking about myself
Until someone puts me under a spotlight
Thennnn you can talk about yourself and I will listen
But today I'm in the mood to talk about myself

1. When you are feeling down, what do you do to pick yourself up?
When I really need a pick me up I will hop in my car and just drive around. And listen to sad songs. This probably sounds like it wouldn't help but it actually does. Especially after a bad break-up. I'll listen to love songs or break-up sad songs. For some reason it clears my head. I used to go jogging but I don't do that anymore ... laziness at it's finest right here.

2. If you had to live in a different time period which would you prefer?
I would love to live in the 20's. I just think it would be so fun to go back and experience the "roaring 20's". The men were actually gentlemen, most ladies were appropriate. It would be great to be able to go back and experience all of that, even if just for a day.
Preferably for just a day or two.
And then I'd need to come back here to my technology.

3. What is the most creative Halloween costume you've ever worn?
I don't really get "creative" for Halloween. Normally I just go out and buy a costume. 
Two Halloween's ago I was Lois Lane and my ex-boyfriend was Superman. It was cute.
This year a friend of mine and I are going to dress up.
Suggestions would be appreciated.
Were going for showing skin this year.
Because what else would you be for Halloween besides skanky?

4. What are five weird things we wouldn't know about you without asking?
1. I hate feet ... and frogs
2. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday
3. I would prefer to eat dessert for every meal
4. I cannot leave the house without mascara on
5. I love fishing but I prefer not to get dirty or sweaty

5. What would you tell your 16 year old self?
I would tell myself to shape up because life is so much easier then what you think.
I would also tell myself that all the heartache and all the hurt feelings you are feeling now don't mean anything in the future. It sucks now but it does get better. Always.

Well there you go. 
Now go link-up and answer the questions!
And tell me what you think my friend (a guy) and I should be for Halloween!
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Faves!

It's Friday, Friday ...
I won't continue
I feel as if no one would ever read this here blog again.
I wouldn't.
But it is Friday ... my favorite day of the week!
In case you hadn't already guessed that
Which also means that in just a few short hours I will be heading on my way to Ohio!
First tailgate/college football game for this girl and I am stoked!
I know, you're jealous

Now for today's faves!

If you have not tried this ... don't
You will be hooked
You will want one (or more) every day
It will seriously do some damage to your wallet

Sometimes I feel as if songs were written just for me
It doesn't hurt that the lead singer is a studly man

In case this wasn't obvious ...
I cannot wait for October to finally make an appearance in the year 2012
For obvious reasons

Anyways, I need to start cleaning out my car/packing for the road trip I am about to embark on! 
Follow me on Instagram for a play by play of my weekend!
If not, then I will be back on here Monday (probably Tuesday) to fill you in on how my first tailgate/college football game experience went! 

Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's OK...

Hello and happy Thursday!
You know what that means ... tomorrow is the weekend!
I'm pretty sure the only thing that gets me through the week is the fact that it is followed by a weekend.
I still think my 3 day week/4 day weekend idea is a better one than a 5 day week/2 day weekend.
I think I've used this picture before
But I quite enjoy it
Therefore, you should too.

Onwards to It's OK Thursday
I am linking up again here.
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

That I should once again be doing my homework right now instead of this post

That I can barely open my eyes today from being out way to late last night
Pictures from last night in case you were wondering...

That I am super excited for my friend Nick that his birthday is now single digit numbers away

That I probably won't be able to sleep tonight because I am so excited for my road trip to Ohio tomorrow

That I ate Mexican three times in five days for lunch/supper

To be overly excited for this fall weather

To admit when you are wrong ... although, I'm never wrong

That I have a perfectly good working camera but still choose to just use my phone

That I was thissss close to taking my little sisters upgrade to get the new iPhone

To be upset over the fact that only younger guys come into the office I work at

That I am leaving you with this story
 I guess I had a head light out last night
And two different times within about an hour of each other in two different towns two different cops thought it was a good idea to tell me
Yeah, I know they are doing their job, whatev, but I was just telling people Tuesday how it's been awhile since I've been pulled over
And then this happens.
No tickets for me though because I'm the
And I don't pull that crying nonsense that others do
I talk to them like a man
In a deep voice
Kidding .... but I don't cry
Anddd for the rest of the night I just blinded people with my brights
Also kidding because my headlights need a serious cleaning so my brights look like my dims
Happy Thursday!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I cannot contain my excitement any longer!!

There are a few things I am excited about.
One being that it is Wednesday, which means only 2 more days and I will be heading here!

To do some of this....
And maybe even meet Santa Buckeye

The second thing I am so excited for is this fall weather and everything that comes with it!
Like hoodies, and jeans, and my 21st birthday, and boots, and Halloween, and my 21st birthday, and pumpkins, and bonfires, and my 21st birthday, and haunted houses, and pumpkin carving, and did I mention my 21st birthday?

Anyhow, I have found some awesome fall pictures that I just love and I cannot wait for this season!

But first!
Look at this cute little animal I have been hanging out with for the past couple days.
She's a model.
She takes after her cousin Becca, naturally.

Her name is Penelope but you can call her Penny, or Pen.
Or if your name is Ethan you call her Happy.
I don't know why. 

Now onto my fall favorites!
Weird, so I had to share it.
This. Is. Beautiful.
I cannot wait to attend these!
I will bedazzle a pumpkin.
Um, yum!
I cannot wait to wear outfits like this!

What are you looking forward to about fall?!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

What does coffee, tattoos, and GTL have in common?

Let me just tell you something.
I hate that the weekend is over.
Every Monday I have this overwhelming feeling of hatred toward the week.
Like someone needs to come up with a better system for the weekend.
Maybe like a 4 day weekend and a 3 day work/school week.
Sounds pretty legit to me.

Anyhow, here is what coffee, tattoos, and GTL all have in common.
They all took place throughout my weekend.
Well GTL didn't really happen ... because I'm no Jshore freak.
Sorry I'm not sorry.
From left and then around...
Alright so this was technically Thursday but whatevs .. that's Nikki .. she dresses up for work .. I however, do not because well .. they require me to be there to dang early. 11 a.m. like who does that?
Next we have my first ever Pumpkin Spiced Latte ... and people trust me on this .. go out and try one
Third we have my homework ... it got done .. just not when I started it .. actually 24 hours later
And that my friends is a week old bruise .. that looks sort of like a boob ... whatever
And now for the highlight of my weekend.... my newest addition to my body's family
I mean it hurt, whatever, but I didn't cry ... because I am a beast when it comes to getting these suckers
I may or may not have put permanent nail marks into the chair though .. but only because I didn't want to look like a completely awesome person
And there is the GTL .. on someone's bumper ... what is this world coming to?
This fake Will Ferrel twitter account cracks me up ... and that my friends is how I am currently feeling
I made a pizza tonight and it was way good ... I should have been a chef
And this is the funniest part of my weekend because well ... do I have to explain?

And now for the saddest part of my weekend....
We all mourn the loss of this mans bachlorhood ... 
At least we still have these pictures
Blake you are one lucky lady

Peace, love, and tattoos!

**Side note: I just had to go and edit out about 7 cuss words from this post ... you're welcome

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