Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Most Exciting News EVER

Hi so first off how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, thanks. Friday night I went to the Rascal Flatts concert with Nick and a few friends. We got free drinks all night. Sooo you know how that goes. The Band Perry opened up for them. They were awesome. I didn't get any videos at this concert. One, because I always do and then never put them up. And two, because I was preoccupied getting free drinks all night. I also had to wake up early for work Saturday morning. And I did, like a champ. And I thought I was going to die all day Saturday. But I didn't, like a champ.

Saturday was also Ethan's third birthday party. It was pirate themed. My cousins and aunt did an awesome job at the decorations. There were also some super cute babies there. Ethan of course did not want a picture taken with me, but Aiden still has no choice so obviously I jumped at that opportunity.

Saturday night Nick and I drove up to Springfield to meet his dad at the state fair. We walked around a bit and listened to the bands at the beer tents. It was fun. But I didn't get any pictures sooo sorry about that.

Sunday was another day in paradise. I worked. 15th day in a row. Making money. It better be worth it. Then yesterday, Monday, was my first day of my senior year of college. Umm.. can you say light at the end of the tunnel? I am taking six classes and I hate myself for it. Today in my research methods class my professor told us this would be the hardest class we have ever taken. Then some kid told me that media law is the hardest class here. I'm in both this semester. Yeah... Anyways, naturally I decided to attempt at cuteness for the first two days. This won't last long. I'll probably be in sweats tomorrow. But when I attempt cuteness that usually involves a Cardinals shirt of some kind.
 Day one
Day two
Maybe I'll go for wearing a Cardinals shirt all four days this week. 

And now for the most EXCITING NEWS EVER. If this is a lie or a rumor I might just have to hurt someone. N'SYNC IS GOING TO BE REUNITING FOR THE VMA'S THIS WEEKEND. You heard that right. REUNITING. It's only taken 11 years and someone (probably Jessica) to convince JT to get off his high horse and perform with the people who made him famous again. Not that I'm bitter or anything... But we are going to get more of this!
These guys were my boys back when I was a young, pink haired, hipster.

And that is all for today kids. I'll just let the news I just bestowed upon you sink in for a minute.
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Monday, August 12, 2013

My First 7 Day Work Week in Four Years...

Hi. It's Monday. And I had to work at 8 am. And I got a new job. So I've worked every day for the past week. I'm not use to that. I usually work 3 days out of the 7 days a week. Soo umm... yeah. This weekend was also the first time I have worked on a weekend in 4 years. The good thing about it? I really like this new job so far. It's at a place called Pottery Hollow where you go in to paint a piece (or 3) of pottery and we fire it for you and it looks all pretty and awesome and you should totally come in and see me to paint one. You can do things like:

And you can check out my Pinterest board as well. We do birthday parties which are awesome. I mean what other business gives you a cookie cake for your birthday? We also have ladies nights on Friday nights, which means you can bring food and any drink wine with you and paint some pretty wicked things with your friends. There are also a lot of other cool things we do that you can check out by going to our website.

And my weekend went a little like...
Friday I went to the horse races with Nick and Rachel. I lost five dollars. Nick lost more. Rachel didn't bet. So we quit after 6 races because Nick and I were sick of losing....

Saturday I worked (remember, first time in four years?) and then that night Nick and I went out with some friends to this place called Sybergs. They are famous because they sell shark that you can eat. Now I will admit, I tried it, against my own will. Sharks are my favorite animal, I know it's a weird favorite animal, and when I see how they are killed and the reasons that they are killed I refuse to eat them. But I tried it because our friends pressured me into it, ha, and because they said if I didn't try it just once that they would get five orders every time they go there. And I know that these sharks that I'm eating are probably farm raised and not being killed in the awful way that over 73 million sharks are killed each year, but I just can't bring myself to actually make a meal out of it. Anyways, the sell this drink called the Shark Bite and that is something I will drink. It's got blueberry vodka, redbull and grenadine in it. The grenadine is actually in the shark when you first get it and you pour it into your drink and it gives the illusion of the water turning bloody red. Original, I know. 

Sunday was spent working and then working on my mom's birthday present. I can't wait to show you all what my sisters and I did for her, but it will be awhile until I get to show you.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I've Been Busy Going Ham on Some Softballs

So the other night (Monday) Nick had a softball game at Grizzlies stadium. The Grizzlies are like a minor minor league team around here. I had never been to one of their games so it was kind of a cool experience. His softball team got to play before the Grizzlies game started so we got to go early. He got in for free and I only had to pay $6 to watch the actual Grizzlies game so that was nice too. After his game got over we went up into a "suite" which isn't actually in a room like regular MLB games but it was still kind of nice to be in an area with just the people we knew. The baseball game itself was kind of boring but being with all the guys from the team is always a good time.
 After the game was over a few of us stuck around for free beer and food. We also got to go out onto the field to hit some softballs, which obviously I did the best at. The field is all astro turf, even the dirt part. So I didn't get dirty at all. And neither did Nick while he was playing, so no dirty uniform for me to wash this time.

Also, while I'm stuck this is what my sister and her boyfriend have been up to while visiting my cousin in Savannah...

Also, how can you not love this picture? Sweetest thing ever. Ethan is seriously such a good big brother. And he just turned 3 on Saturday. Seriously, where has the time gone? I am so glad I have had the opportunity to be so close to him and watch him as he grows and becomes the awesome little kid he is.

And a trip down memory lane dedicated to him. These are not even half the pictures I have of him, but this is the most Picmonkey would allow me to put into a collage.
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm a Copy Cat

So today I have no idea what to write about. Like that's any different from any other day. This blog is lucky if I have an actual idea on what to write. But more on that later. I've also been super busy playing people on this new QuizCross game on the iPhone. Download it. And play me. Comment on here if you want my user name. Anyways, back to not having any idea on what to write about. I found this little gem of a post yesterday and since Erin says she tagged everyone, I figured it would totally be cool with her if I copy cated. (I don't even think that's a word).

The ABC's of Me. You're welcome.

A. Attached or Single - Attached to this handsome boy.

B. Best Friend- I feel like I have more than just one best friend. I have a few girls who I know I can run to whenever I need advice and then of course my sisters and my mom are my best friends because no matter what, they have always been there for me.
C. Cake or Pie- Pie. Chocolate pie. With whipped cream. My mom makes the best. Now I'm hungry. Good thing Nick just told me we were going to lunch when I got off work!
D. Day of Choice- Friday! Even if I have to work or go to class on Friday I still love it. I mean you have a whole weekend to look forward too.
E. Essential Item- My phone. Don't judge me. How ever would I make it through the day without being able to check my slew of social media apps or play games. I wouldn't.
F. Favorite Color- Sparkles. And before you say it isn't a color, it is. If I can paint it on my nails, and then spend 20978978 hours trying to take it off, it's a color.
G. Gummy Bears or Worms- GUMMY BEARS. Wow, just got way excited about this. Number 2 favorite candy right there people. In case you ever wanted to send me a present or something...
H. Hometown? Small town USA. Just a little town of about 2200 people in Illinois. Sometimes I'm grateful for experiencing a small town, and most of the time I'm ready to experience the big city. Namely Chicago.
I. Favorite Indulgence- Lays and french onion dip. My mom knows to have it available for anytime I come over. Seriously sometimes she has multiple containers of it waiting for me. It's that bad...
J. January or July - October. My birthday month, Halloween and Red October. Duh.
K. Kids? Negative ghost rider. They like spit up and drool all over. And cry. I can't handle.
L. Life isn't Complete Without- Money and material items. Joking. My family most definitely and the love and support they give me.
M. Marriage Date- Uhh... check back in like ten years.
N. Number of Brothers and Sisters- Two seesters and one bwather
O. Oranges or Apples- Both? If I just brushed my teeth then neither.
P. Phobias / Fears? Frogs. It's a legit fear I have. And I've now met three other people who have this fear. And they're all grown males. So obviously this is not a silly fear I have.
Q. Quotes- Whatever movie or song quote that pops into my head at that moment.
R. Reasons to Smile- The fact that when I think about it, I have a pretty sweet life. I don't want or need really anything, unless you want to pay off my student loans. Also, when the Cardinals win the World Series .. or hold their number one spot in the league .. which isn't right now...
S. Season of Choice- Fall. My birthday. Red October. Halloween. Bon fires. Smores. Pumpkins. Haunted houses. Hoodies and jeans. Pretty leaves. You get the picture...
T. Tag 5 People- The total of five people who actually read this
U. Unknown Fact About Me: I hate making decisions .. I think you already knew this but I couldn't decide what unknown fact to write...
V. Vegetable- Pretty much any. Except onions and pickles. Ick
W. Worst Habit-Biting my nails or picking my fingernail polish off the day after I paint them...
X. Xray or Ultrasound- What kind of question is this?
Y. Your Favorite Food- Is this different than the favorite indulgence question?
Z. Zodiac Sign- Libra .. but I don't follow those things.

 Phew .. that was intense. But it gave you something to read while you're bored at work. So for that, you're welcome. It also gave me something to do while I'm bored at work. So Erin, thank you.
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