Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Don't Have a Halloween Post

Today is Halloween. One of my favorite days of the year. And this year sucked because I did not do anything Halloween related at all. Unless you count handing out a little bit of candy at my parents last night. But I didn't go to a pumpkin patch, I didn't carve a pumpkin, I didn't watch any scary movies, and most importantly, I didn't dress up. So I don't have the cool post that everyone else has today. So instead I'm just going to ramble, because I feel as if that's what I do best. I'm also procrastinating, so there's that.

The Cardinals lost the World Series last night. It was a depressing night in the St. Louis area. But when I think about it, there really is nothing to be sad about. Yeah, they lost the biggest series of the year, but they made it all the way there. Only one other team can say they made it to the World Series this year and I feel like that's a prettyyyyy big accomplishment. The Cardinals had the best record in baseball this season and they had an amazing team. So even though they lost last night, I feel like they won all around because they are the best team ever and have the best fans ever (I know, you've heard it all before) but seriously, I'm a fan, what could be better. :)

Also, since I have no costume pictures of me from this year, I thought you would all like to see what our favorite celebrities dressed up as this year, including Miley Cyrus. She dressed up as Lil' Kim. From the 1999 VMA's. Lil' Kim loved it. And if you want to see more pictures just check out her lovely Twitter feed.

And after seeing that I stopped looking at other celebrities costumes because well, my head hurts. But she's just being Miley, right?

In other celeb news, the Jo Bros have split. Broken up. Donzo. Separated. Divorced. Whatever you want to call it. I didn't even know they were still together soooooo...

Kendra Wilkinson, our favorite girl next door, is preggo again. Why do I feel like the last thing I read about her was that her and Hank were getting a divorce? I guess that wasn't true, or it's not happening, or it still is. Who knows. 

In a blink and you'll miss it move, CMM went from being engaged for seven years, to being single, to being off the market again with some new girl. And he no longer looks like a weirdo with his long hair. He looks like the Lucas we all know and love from OTH. ... Now let me go cry in the bathroom for a second while I remember all the great times the cast of OTH and I had while I watched them all grow from little high schoolers to wonderful adults.

This is what I've been listening to all day. I just have decided that since I didn't celebrate Halloween at all this year I might as well get a jump start on celebrating Christmas. And I have no shame in any of this. The girl next to me at work has been listening to Christmas music for like a week already. And who can resist listening to Micheal Buble? Seriously though.

So I lied, I just remembered I have two pictures to show you for Halloween. Sorry about that.
 A little Throw Back Thursday for you.
And here is Tatum, looking like an idiot with his tongue hanging out, on his favorite day of the year. Not joking, he seriously loves Halloween. But this is the only costume he will wear. I have tried multiple times to put different costumes on him but he won't keep any of them on. Only this one. And he is scared of everything, I'm not kidding, except for Halloween. He will sit out on the porch with my mom and greet all the trick or treaters the whole night.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Wardrobe Needed

So I started a new little job about a month ago. 

*Side note, I think I start every post with "So". Whatever*

Anyways, I started a new internship at school and it's pretty darn amazing if you ask me. I love being able to work with social media all the time and I was just given the opportunity to help put together a new website. I'm looking forward to all the cool opportunities and experiences I am going to have with this job. But along with this job comes a need for a new wardrobe. And because I am usually dressed in "I didn't even bother to shower before I went to class" clothes, I think I need to revamp what I am wearing. For my birthday my mom helped me out a bit by getting me a few new shirts and some new pants that actually fit me. And because this is the only picture I took of the outfit Thursday you're welcome. I did get three compliments on this outfit yesterday, btw.
Also, because Friday is jeans day across the nation in places that require you to look cute the rest of the week, I took full advantage of that. Not saying my boss doesn't let us wear jeans during the week if we want to. But Friday is actually "jeans day" so yeah. And because I can no longer wear Cardinals attire when they are playing, I got to wear my Cardinals shirt Friday since it was an off day. As you can see in this picture too, I really do make the cutest faces ever. I also have no shame in taking a selfie in the bathroom at work apparently..
So the point of this post you ask? Didn't you know it was to show you how good I can look while taking selfies in bathrooms? Right, the actual point. So I've been searching Pinterest (obviously) for some cute business casual looks. And I decided to bring you some of my favorites since I figured you all (for some strange reason) don't follow my Pinterest boards and would like to see what I've been pinning lately. I'll save my already started Christmas list for a different post. Maybe one in say, the end of November or beginning of December, when it's socially acceptable to do such a thing..

 Minus the big sweater
And then I discovered this girls blog. And I'm pretty sure I'll be here the rest of the day being jealous of how cute she always looks and wondering how in the hell she gets the ideas of putting these outfits together. I feel like it has to be a full time job in itself. So here are some of my favorite outfits with the link back to the posts from her blog.
This post just makes me wish I had 242789035784032578402 dollars to go spend on all the new clothes I could ever want. Unfortuantly, I am a broke college student. So I have to just get one piece of clothing at a time. Maybe one day I will have built up a wardrobe that is "Pinterest worthy".  Anyone have any ideas for clothes? What is your favorite business casual look?
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Friday, October 25, 2013

My Favorite Group of Guys Ever

So, it's Friday. I'm ready to go home and take a nap. And it isn't even noon yet. But that's okay because like I said, it's Friday. And I'm off all weekend. And the Cardinals are in the World Series. And the series is tied 1-1. And I learned I am no longer allowed to wear Cardinals attire on the days that they play in this series. Why? Well, Wednesday I had my new Cardinals shirt on (courtesy of my Mom and Dad for my birthday) and they lost that night. They lost bad. So yesterday I wore a different outfit (that I got for my birthday from my mom and dad as well) and they won. And it was wonderful. So, I guess no more wearing Cardinals shirts on days they play. Which is why I'm wearing one today and not tomorrow. But tomorrow they bring it home and I am hoping they win the next three because those are all home and for them to be able to win it at home would be amazing. And I'm rambling now. But this post is going to be totally dedicated to the second most important group of men in my life (the first being the men in my family obviously).

Because I am slightly obsessed with these guys, I have been watching video after video all week and now I will bring you some of the best I saw. And the two newest rally songs that I may or may not have downloaded to iTunes to be put on to my phone later today...

These guys seem like they are some of the funnest people to be around. Not joking. Just look.

And here is a video to get you super pumped for the Cardinals to win the whole thing. Because honestly, I totally and completely believe that they are going to win the whole thing. I mean come on, they are the Cardinals.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'm Feelin 22

So Tuesday was my 22nd birthday. And yes, before you even ask, I did play that song for myself while I was getting ready. I couldn't help it. I had to hear it at least once that day and if no one else was going to play it for me, I was going to play it for myself. And yes, I danced around my bathroom and sang it. Don't worry, Nick was not in the house at the time to make fun of me or I am sure some laughing would have happened at my expense. Anyways, that day my mom and Nick were off work so I made sure I was also off and then asked made my dad take off as well. We headed to St. Louis to go to the Anheseur Busch tour, which is free, with free beer at the end. You can't beat that. Unless you're me, who hates beer, then I guess free beer isn't really the best prize at the end. But the tour is really interesting and neither my mom, dad, or Nick had ever been before so I thought it would be something fun for all of us to do together. And I think they enjoyed it, especially the free beer at the end.

Later that night we just went over to my parents so I could open presents from them and eat cake. Yes, I am 22, and yes, I still get presents and cake from my parents. And I hope that never stops. I love presents. And cake. And birthdays. I got a Cardinals cupcake from Carrie. Incase you live under a rock, they are in the World Series right now. Anddddd even though they lost last night, I feel like they will be able to win it in 6. So hopefully that happens, or I will never hear the end of it from Nick.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

21 in 21 has now come to a close

My birthday is less than a week away! Eeekkk! I love birthdays. Not that you wouldn't know that from multiple posts about them. It really doesn't matter who's birthday it is, I think it is always a reason to celebrate. I mean you just made it through another year, what's not to celebrate right? Anyways, last year I wrote a posts called 21 in 21 for my 21st birthday. So now I am going to update you on whether or not I completed all the 21 tasks I had in mind (Spoiler alert: I didn't).

Number 1 was to celebrate my birthday with everyone I love. And I did just that. My family and I and a few friends went to a bar called Fast Eddies (you can't get in unless you're 21) and it was a lot of fun. Well, except for the Cardinals losing. And me being on crutches because I am a big baby and had a broken pinky toe .. but that's besides the point. I also did not get that drunk that night. But don't you worry, I made up for it the weekend after that. And the weekend after that. And probably the next 13 weekends after that as well...

Number two was go on a road trip. And I did plenty of those in the past year. From going to Chicago/near there multiple times, to Ohio, Florida, Indiana, and Missouri, I would say I spent many minutes in the car in the past year. It was wonderful.

Number three was be on the Dean's List both semesters. Well uh... that didn't happen. Either semester. So, there's that...
Thanks JLaw..

Number four was fly somewhere. And that did not get accomplished either. I did drive all the way to Florida. Well Nick drove, I slept. But we could have potentially taken a plane if we weren't broke college students .. so does that kind of count?

Once again, thank you JLaw..

Number five was go to a concert. And I did that plenty of times. I went to Dierks Bently, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, FGL, Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry, and even though it's not in the 21 in 21, I will be attending Queen Bey's concert in December.

Number six was get back to my high school weight. I also accomplished this one. I have now lost 30 pounds in the past 14 months. I have no secret to how I did it either. I didn't work out, I'm way too lazy for that. I just realized I was eating way to much junk and drinking way too much soda. So I started to only drink water and I cut back on how much I was eating (it was a lot, I'm not kidding). And so now I am actually smaller than I was in high school and it's the greatest feeling ever. Sometimes I still feel like I need to lose more weight, but I think that's just the fear in me that I will gain it all back and I never want to get to that again. I eat fast food occasionally now, but it isn't all the time and I keep my proportions a lot smaller than they use to be. My next goal is to actually start going to the gym and since there is now one not even 2 minutes away from my house I don't really have an excuse not to go. So hopefully by this time next year going to the gym will be in my regular routine. I have almost every picture of me from before I lost weight hidden on Facebook, so I can't believe I'm showing this to you guys. I'm just showing one from back then so I guess that helps my anxiety. And let me point something out, I know I wasn't "huge" but I didn't feel good about myself what so ever and I knew I needed to change something if I was ever going to be anywhere near confident in my own skin.

The first two pictures are taken exactly a year apart and the third picture was taken last week.. they aren't the best to compare each other to but they're something

Number seven was to celebrate "Drinksgiving" with my friends. And that did not happen... I'm beginning to feel like I didn't accomplish anything this past year... That's a lie. I did a lot actually.

Number eight was pass the teachers test. I never even took it. I actually went back to Mass Communications as my major. It was a hard decision, but now I think it was really for the best.

Number nine was to get to 100 GFC followers. I actually surpassed 200, so that was awesome!

Number ten was to get my third and fourth tattoos. Which I did! I don't have a picture of my fourth one, but I do have a picture of my third one! I have so many plans for so many more tattoos but I don't have so much money that I can just spend it on tattoos ... I now have rent and bills and grown up stuff like that...

Number eleven was to cure my addiction to social media. I think it just got worse actually, considering now I'm a social media intern at school....

Number twelve was go to the zoo and see the new sea lion exhibit. And I did! Nick and I had actually planned on going to the art museum for a class project I had and they were closed that day and since the zoo is right across the street I was able to convince him to go. He thinks that was my plan all along and that I knew the museum was closed but I promise I didn't!

Number thirteen was take multiple trips to Chicago, and as you could see up on number two, I did that. Multiple times. As shown here and here as well.

Number fourteen was to learn how to french braid. It didn't happen... imagine that

Number fifteen was to go to at least two states I've never been to. Andddd that didn't happen either. I'm still dreaming nightly about going to Wilmington, North Carolina...

Number sixteen was to start eating healthy. That didn't happen either. Kind of. I stopped eating so much fast food and soda as you read earlier, but I didn't start eating cleanly completely.. it's too hard

Number seventeen was to start paying off my student loans ... again, didn't happen

Number eighteen was to go camping ... this list is starting to depress me now..

Number nineteen was to volunteer somewhere .. I suck as a human being..

Number twenty was to have a paint fight ... if my friends would have agreed then this would have happened but they didn't so there's that...

Number 21 was to keep my relationships I had at the time the same way they were. I have the important people from a year ago still in my life and I have met and made new friendships that I cherish since then. I wouldn't trade the people in my life right now for anything, and that's a fact.

So I didn't accomplish everything that I had wanted to but I do think that this past year has been one of the best I have ever had. I have become closer to some people and I have met people that I couldn't imagine life without. I have done a lot over the past year and I have had some of the best times of my life. I cannot wait to see what 22 has in store for me. And you better believe "22" will be played all day.
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Softball and Zombies

So this past weekend Nick and I headed over to Indiana for the Super Worlds softball tournament. This was the top 56 best silver division slow pitch softball teams from the U.S. and Suit Up ended up placing 17th so that was pretty awesome. It rained most of the weekend, which was not so awesome, but at least I wasn't playing it in. That doesn't mean I still didn't complain to Nick though, ha. The girls all got t-shirts made to support our boys and we got a lot of compliments on them too. We also saw black squirrels. I have never even heard of these things, let alone seen one. I seriously thought someone had dyed a squirrel black for Halloween until I saw multiple of them. It was weird. I was amazed. It's the little things people...

When we got home Sunday, we headed over to my aunts house to celebrate my Grandma's 84th birthday. This woman is one of the most amazing people I will ever know. I am so glad I can call her my Grandma and I am so glad she is still with us and getting around the way she is. She had just gotten back from a trip up to Chicago with my aunts, mom, and a few of my uncles to see my uncle play. It was nice to get some of the family around here together for a few hours and to see my uncle from California, even if he was wearing a Dodgers shirt and hat.

Ethan also brought his bow to my aunts. And he decided he was going to make everyone "get down and crawl like a deer".
I also mentioned that I was going to download the zombie app again in a few days. And I did. And I've been wanting to turn everyone in to a zombie. Nick wouldn't let me take a picture of just him for it so I had to use one we took this past weekend. Don't ask me why I'm so obsessed with this app because I have no idea. But I've taken three pictures of myself just to turn them in to zombies so far and I'm sure I'll do it at least five more times before Halloween.
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Favorite Things About Fall!

It's officially fall. Well, it has been for a few days now. But it's October. The best month in the entire world. No joke. This month has everything. My favorite holiday, my favorite day, my favorite weather, my favorite things to do, basically my favorite everything. So naturally, I couldn't pass up the great link-up being put on by Brianna! So we will get right to it. Ten things I love about fall. Even if it was super hard to narrow it down to ten things... Warning: This list will involve way too much Halloween. Wait, what am I saying? You can never have too much Halloween...

1. Dressing up for Halloween. I dress my dog up for Halloween. I dress myself up for Halloween. If I could dress my fish up for Halloween I would. Sometimes I have multiple costumes for Halloween.

 These pictures are taken two different years. This is Tatum's favorite costume. I'm not kidding. I tried to put it on Percy one time and Tatum basically ripped it off of him.
 This app will be redownloaded on to my phone in the next few hours probably. Expect a new zombie picture in the next few days...

2. Going to haunted houses. I've been going to the same one for 8 years now. Don't ask my why I do it. But I do. It's one of the "best ones in the U.S." according to the Travel Channel and such...

3. Carving pumpkins/Pumpkin Fest. Every year my aunt and uncle host the annual Pumpkin Fest where we all get together and carve pumpkins, sit around the fire, cook hot dogs and marshmallows, you know, all the wonderful stuff about fall.

4. Decorating for Halloween. I'm not joking. I painted a pumpkin at work like 3 weeks ago because I'm just that excited about Halloween. And don't even get me started on the skull mug I painted a few weeks ago. I didn't even let those hit the shelves before I had one out and already painted.

5. Just Halloween in general, obviously
6. Carmel apples. Enough said.

7. When October is painted red! No joke. And so far it is this year too! My love for the Cardinals ranks in the top 5 of my love for anything/anyone. 

8. How colorful fall gets. I love how the leaves look when they're changing. I love campus at this time of year because of how beautiful it looks. It's about the only time I love campus actually...
9.  The type of clothing I can wear. I prefer being in jeans and a jacket with a scarf. It's just that simple.
And shooting guns apparently...

10. Um, my birthday!

 This would be my 18th birthday. And yes, that cake is a McDonalds cake. I worked there, and so I guess it's the cake I wanted...
Numero 20, where 19 went I have no idea. 

And then my 21st birthday. Expect a 21 in 21 conclusion soon.
And this year it's my golden birthday. I can find a reason for any birthday to be an event. I just love birthdays. Mine, my families, my friends, anyones really. I mean, don't you think everyone should celebrate another year of making it through this adventure we call life? I think that's more than enough reason to celebrate.

So obviously I love Halloween, in case you didn't gather that from 1-5. But really, fall is the best season. Sometimes I forget it goes in to November too because October is seriously just the best month ever. What are your favorite things about fall?
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