Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm Hungry

Starving actually.
So what do I do when I'm hungry?
I get on Pinterest and look at all the yummy food

So for your viewing pleasure
And to make you as hungry as I am
Here are some awesome looking food pictures

And the links to go along with them

I feel like you don't need instructions for this one
But it just looks sooo good I had to put it up here

Pizza Balls

Cheesy Garlic Potatoes

Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe

Cheddar and Bacon Meatball Sliders

Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese

My lunch today
Notice how the text makes it look better?
I know, I know
You are all jealous of my lunch

Oh and one more thing
I heard that GFC will soon be no longer
Soooo that means if you would still like to keep up with me
And I know you do
You should follow any all of these!
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Four Day Weekend

So I have not updated for awhile
I get into these like streaks where I update a lot
And then don't for a long time

I have no idea why

So I am apologizing now for every picture you are about to see
Because if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you have already seen these
Side note: you should follow me
Because I'm awesome

Anyways, last Thursday I went to the Tim McGraw concert
My boyfriend and I took my mom for mother's day
It was a lot of fun
He is awesome in concert
And awesome to look at

Then Friday we watched Ethan
Most awesome child ever
Saturday the boyfriend had a softball tournament
So I watched that all day
I really do enjoy watching
But I am not enjoying the million tan lines I'm getting
My boyfriend is a stud
You should be jealous

Sunday was spent watching two softball games and then just hanging out with family
It was nice

Monday was Memorial Day and the boyfriend and I spent it with my family
It was nice to relax and just hang out with them
We grilled, played bags, played some wiffle ball (until it started to downpour) and played some card games

I also wanted to say thank you to all the men and women who have fought and are fighting for our country
I know we all think Memorial Day is just for drinking and grilling but we also needed to stop and take a second to realize what it was really about.

This is my Grandpa
He passed away back when I was in 8th grade
I miss him a lot but I am also grateful for everything he did for our country
So thank you to everyone who puts their life on the line everyday for our freedom

Sami's Shenanigans

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When Something Like This Happens In My Hometown

Monday night there was bad weather around where I live
I layed down and didn't think anything of it
It was just some thunder, some wind, and some pea sized hail
I am scared of storms, but I didn't think this was anything to worry about too much

After I had fallen asleep I got a phone call from my mom around midnight
I had been staying in a town about 35 minutes away from the little town of Mount Olive
But I am always visiting there
And that is the town I lived in until I moved out for college

Anyways, she called to tell me there had been a tornado in Mount Olive
My hometown

Now, I can talk crap on my hometown all I want
But that's because I grew up there
Kind of like I can talk bad about my sister all I want but as soon as you do it you better run

So when my mom told me a tornado had hit my heart instantly dropped
My first worries were about her and my dad and my sisters
They were all fine, thank goodness

Their house is also fine
But there was damage to our town
A lot of damage

All of these pictures were taken by my sister
Her and my mom took about a 2 hour walk around town (now don't be fooled, our town is not that big by any means) but it was just a lot to take in
There are more pictures here taken by our local news station that show even more damage from an aerial view

This is nothing compared to what the people in Oklahoma are going through
And my heart goes out to all of them
But when something like this strikes home, it does something to you

I never thought anything like this would be able to happen to our small town
And I am so thankful that there was no one injured in this

So now we pick up the pieces
And the sense of community and pride that has been going on is amazing
There are so many volunteers out to help
The high school students have gone out after school yesterday and today to help clean up

I love this little town
And I am proud to say that in a time of need, we can all come together for one another and help when help is needed

Please continue to pray for not only my little town, but every single person that lost loved ones or homes in the awful tornado that went through Oklahoma

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Really Just Happened

So yesterday I found out about being able to have my blog on my Kindle.

I decided to just give it a try and send it to Amazon.
Hey why not, right?

So I took a swing at it and checked back today to see if it was published.
And it is!

Which means for just .99 a month you can have daily updates sent to your Kindle every time I update my blog!
Ummm how awesome is that?!
Plus your first 14 days are free!

If you are wanting to do this for your own blog just go here.

If you are totally awesome and want to subscribe to my blog then go here!

 Ps. I will be updating Day 15 of Everyday in May along with Day 16 tomorrow since Day 15 is my day in pictures.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

I think that's from Duck Dynasty
I've seen like one episode
But I've heard people say this
And then refer to DD

Anywho, today's Everyday in May topic is 10 things that make me happy
Super easy

1. My family, obviously
Not only my immediate family, but every single person in my family
All 72 of them
That is no where near all of them but there is never a moment where we are all together at once, which sucks

2. My friends make me happy, obviously since I always talk about them
There is my group of friends from high school and we spent almost every day together in high school. And we still try to get together every time we are all home from school, it is just getting harder and harder the older we get.
And I also have my friends that I have met in college who I spend most of my time with.
I don't know what I would do without any of my friends. They have really made me who I am today.
3. My boyfriend
Yes we have only been together for like 3 months but he makes me happier than I have been in a very long time.
He may like the Cubs and the Blackhawks, but if those are the only two flaws I can ever find I'm perfectly okay with that.
4. My dog Tatum
I got him the summer before my junior year of college
Our personalities are exactly the same
I could not ask for a better dog for me
We love to sleep, eat, sleep some more, and then eat some more
And he hates being woken up .. he will growl at you
Kinda like me in the morning... :)

5. The St. Louis Cardinals make me happy
One because they are a winning team
Two because they are the best team
And three because they rock

6. Chocolate
Chocolate makes me very happy
I could eat chocolate all day errr day
Especially chocolate covered gummy bears

7. Blogging
I love being able to write about whatever comes to my mind.
I love having my own little space on this world wide web that I can go to whenever I need to talk about something
And I love making new friends through this experience as well

8. Social Media
I am constantly glued to my phone
It has all of my social media accounts hooked up to it
I have my Facebook
I have my Twitter
I have my Pinterest
And I have my Instagram
And every single one of those makes me happy

9. Sleeping
I am probably the best sleeper you will ever meet
I should really be a professional sleeper
At least that's what everyone tells me

10. Crafting
I love being able to sit down and let my creative juices flow
Even though I don't have that many
But now that summer is back I plan on crafting a lot
Like this alcohol bouquet I made last night for the boyfriend's roommates 21st birthday
You can also find how to make one here

Crappy picture I know, but it was late and I was tired...
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Monday, May 13, 2013

I apologize

Dear Mom and Dad,
I apologize for always being so awesome that your two other daughters just cannot compare
Dear Sister 1,
I apologize for the fact that my hair is way longer and better than yours
Dear Sister 2,
I apologize for the fact that we look so much alike, even though you don't think we do
Dear Boyfriend,
I apologize for not letting you be right sometimes
Dear Friend 1,
I apologize for puking on your Northface that one night
Dear Friend 2,
I apologize for you having to hold my head while I puked during said one night
Dear Friend 3,
I apologize for not inviting you to that one night so you could experience that with all of us

Dear Self,
I apologize for putting all this amazing food into you and then doing nothing to work it off
 And to all of my readers,
I apologize for my lack of posting sometimes

So today's Everyday in May topic was to issue some public apologies, obviously
And there you have it
My apologies

I hate Mondays
Because that means my weekend is over
But here is what I did this weekend
1. The boyfriend and I were house/dog sitting all last week for two dogs .. a beagle and a yorkie
2. My breakfast one day this weekend
3. The little yorkie cuddled up on my boyfriend 
4. My boyfriend's softball team had a bowling fundraiser on Friday night .. and yes that "suit" t-shirt he is wearing are their softball uniforms
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Now a Way to Get Awesome Cheap Glasses

I have been wearing glasses since I can remember
And I always hated going into the eye doctors, ordering my glasses, and then waiting for what seemed like forever to get them in
But now you don't have to wait like I use to
GlassesUSA lets you order cheap eyeglasses and you get them way quicker than you would at the eye doctors

How easy is would it be to just go to the website and order glasses online?
With their huge selection of glasses, why wouldn't you just order from them?
They have high quality frames and lenses as well as a 110% lowest price guarantee.
They have a 30 day money back guarantee and a free 30 day return policy
I'm sitting here shopping for eyeglasses as I am typing this post because I can't stop looking at all the awesome ones they have .. and for cheap too! is deff. the way to go if you are looking for awesome quality, low priced glasses.
And for being an awesome reader of this blog you get 10% off when you order from their website!
Just type in Blog10 at the check out!

And now with this Share-able Virtual Mirror you can upload a picture of yourself and try on any pair of glasses from their website
I will now be trying on a bunch of different pairs of glasses while sitting at work

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