Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I've Become a Chef

The whole "I want to cook all the things" is starting to come out in me. It's starting small though. And by small I mean pancakes from the little shaker thing small. And then it turned into omelets with things other than just cheese in them. And salads. And pasta. Like I said, small. Nick and I have also decided we are going to start eating better since we were eating fast food or going out to eat at least once a day. I'm not joking, it was seriously all.the.time. So we went to the good ol' supermarket of Wal-Mart and bought a bunch of healthy food, along with some snacks for Nick because he went shopping hungry. Men, I tell ya. 

Anyway, continuing on with the "small" pattern of cooking, tonight I made grilled cheese. I don't think I've ever actually made grilled cheese on my own. For the longest time I didn't even like grilled cheese. But I wanted to do something with my avocado other than eat it with a fork, which is what I did with one half anyways. So I decided to put it in my grilled cheese. And this is what I got.

*I would like to note that I am obviously a professional food photographer. You'll be able to tell by looking at the pictures I took.

All I did (and I'm posting this incase there is anyone else out there like me who had to google how to make grilled cheese) was this:

-Got two pieces of whole wheat bread, a half of an avocado, two slices of cheese (I like cheese, okay?), and some slices of turkey
-Butter one side of each piece of bread
-Heat the skillet to medium heat
-Put one piece of bread butter side down
-Put on your turkey, cheese, avocado slices, cheese, and the other slice of bread butter side up. You obviously don't have to put it all in that order but I would for best flavor because I'm the chef in this post
-The sandwich was ready to be flipped after about fish minutes to the other side, or right after I had layered everything on top of it
-I cooked the other side for another 2ish minutes and BAM

Baby steps but I like to think I'm on my way to becoming the best chef around. Or at least in this house. And since the only other people in this house are Nick and Luke (yes, I consider him a people) it isn't really that hard. But I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt, okay?
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's My Day

Mom is letting me take over again today. Maybe it's because she's too tired to think of anything creative herself. I like to think it's because I'm so awesome that I'm the one better suited to write a post on a day that should be revolving around me. (Mom would like me to tell you that every day revolves around me). Anyway, today is National Dog Day and anyone who is anyone should know that. I mean it is the most important day besides the day I was born. So I thought for my post I would just tell you all about what I've been up to since Mom sucks at posting on a regular basis.

 I've been sleeping
 And then sleeping some more
 I got a new toy so I played with it for awhile. Then fell asleep again.
 I discovered digging in actual mud and not just digging the couch or the bed. It was amazing. I loved it. I can't wait to get an actual yard that I can run around and dig in. Dad says that won't happen and I just laugh to myself when I hear him say that.
 There's been some more sleeping
 This was a Friday night. Mom and I turned up, obviously. Is that how you even say that? I'm just a dog, what do you want from me?

 Mom had to bug me while I was just waking up the other day. Why can't she just let me relax for once without taking a picture?
 I've been doing a lot of watching Mom and Dad eat. I beg and beg for food but they don't give in to me so I've just resorted to sitting on the couch or the floor while they eat. Whatever.
 I've been doing a lot of cuddling with mom. But I'm kind of getting sick of her being home. Like go get a job or something, seriously.
 Dad likes to pick me up sometimes. I have no idea why.
 Mom tries to take selfies with me all the time. Will she never realize that I hate them and think they're overrated which is why I never sit still or look at the camera for her? Sheesh.
And today my diet consists of ice cubes and water because I was sick all night last night and Mom thinks this will help. Like all I want is my dog food and some carrots lady, come on.

And now it is time to go back to sleep since that's what I do best. And it seems like it's the only thing to do since Mom says it's way too hot to go do anything outside. It's only been 97+ degrees everyday for the past week. And the news guy just said it feels like 104 outside already. Just take me to a pool or the lake and let me jump in people!
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Monday, August 25, 2014

No School or Work

August 6 was my last day of classes. Ever. Well not ever, because obviously a BS isn't enough anymore and a Masters degree is pretty much necessary to get ahead in any field these days. But for now, it was my last day of class. Which meant that August 7 was my last day of work because to work on campus you have to be in at least 2 classes. So from August 7 until August 21 I was unemployed and out of classes. Which also meant that I was going crazy. I'm not use to having absolutely nothing to do and no schedule to go by. It was kind of nice but if I had known that I would find a job in two weeks, I think I would have been able to relax just a little more. That's not to say that I didn't sit around and do nothing a few times or take advantage of having nothing to do to spend time with the people I care about the most, but at times it was kind of boring. And I think Luke is getting sick of me. 

Thankfully I was able to get hired on as a server at Texas Roadhouse. It's going to be a change because I've never served before but I think I'll like it because I really like working with the public. Weird, I know. And it helps that Carrie works there so I'll know her and her friends. We worked at McDonalds together for awhile so working together won't be a problem. I'm actually looking forward to it. Who knows how she feels about it.

Anyway, here is what I've been up to while I've been unemployed/out of class.

Family from Cali and Ohio came into town the day after I was done for class for the weekend and it was so nice to see all of them. In case you were wondering, this isn't even close to half of us so there's that. I love my family so much.
Luke and I have been spending lots of time snuggling together. Well I've been spending lots of time trying to get him to snuggle. He's been spending lots of time trying to get me to play rope.
This was my Mom's party, that I wrote about here. I'm so glad it went off without a hitch and that everyone had so much fun. Also, yes I just said "went off without a hitch". Who says that?
I got a new baby cousin too! Number 60 in our family! He's adorable, I know.
I saw both ends of a rainbow in the field next to my Grandma and Aunt's house. When does that ever happen? Never, that's when.
We took Ethan to the zoo for his birthday. I figured why get a kid who has everything even more stuff. He loves the zoo and so do I so it was the perfect birthday present. And our favorite part of the zoo is petting the stingrays so we may have spent an excessive amount of time doing that.
But then he had a superhero birthday party where his mom made everyone superhero masks. I've never been into the whole superhero thing but it was fun to watch Ethan and his friends have so much fun with it all. We even got Reese to wear a mask. I think I'm wearing a Thor mask, I'm not quite sure.
Luke loves digging on the bed or in the car or on the couch. But he's never dug in actual mud. Until the other night. And brother loved it. Seriously, I didn't think we were ever going to get him to stop. He was trying to bury the bat. So you can imagine how big he was trying to make the holes.
We also spent a whole lot of time doing this. Which means we both have gained (okay, maybe just me) a whole lot of extra weight. So if anyone has any advice for one of the laziest people in the entire world on how to get working out and losing weight, let me know.
And finally, why do these have to be seasonal?!? Whyyyyy!?! They're amazing. I loved the strawberry ones, then hated them after a while. Then loved the mango, then hated them. Then loved the raspberry ones, and I still do. But these babies are the shiz. Seriously. I'm going to have to stock up on them. Listen to me go on and on about these like I drink all the time or something. This is the first thing I've drank in over 2 months. So cool.
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Throwing a party with Tiny Prints

*I was given the opportunity to work with Tiny Prints on this birthday party. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

So my Mom turned the big 5-0 this year and I decided to throw her a surprise party. Little did I know how much actually goes in to throwing one of those parties. Especially for about 60 people. The invitations are one of the most important parts of a party because they're the first things people see when they are being told about the party. That's where Tiny Prints comes in. Working with them was such a wonderful experience because they helped me make some very tough decisions on the invites and a few different decorations. I didn't want this to be a boring old everything is black and depressing party and Tiny Prints really helped capture what I wanted this party to be. Fifty and fabulous is what I was going for because what 50 year old wants to be reminded of how old they are? ;-)

The invitations turned out amazing and everyone loved them. The really captured what I wanted the party to be like and paved the way for my creative mind to get rolling. 

Next were the return address labels. For obvious reasons, I'm going to show you the one from their website. But they went perfectly with the invites and I loved them just as much.

Tiny Prints also has some wonderful decorations to add even more personalization to a party. I chose to use stickers for the cupcakes and a notepad where I had people write different memories or well wishes to my Mom. She loved them as much as I did. 

I loved all of the things I got from Tiny Prints. They really added a personal touch to the party that I wouldn't have been able to get any where else. I am so glad I got to work with them on my mom's party and I know she appreciated it just as much.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mom's 50th Surprise Party

A few months ago I decided that I was going to throw my Mom a surprise 50th birthday party. If someone would have told me how much goes into planning even the simplest of parties, I still would have done it I just would have realized what I was getting myself into. But it went amazingly. I only had to keep a secret from a person I talk to everyday for a little over 2 months. Not hard at all. -_-. 

The day before the party 9 of our family members from Ohio and California came into town. They had already planned on being in town during that weekend so it was awesome that we were able to plan the party at that time. And all of my Mom's friends that we invited were also able to make it. It was awesome. But so hard getting her there. It was at a golf course and she never goes to those. So we told her we were going to a winery that night so we could get her dressed cute because if she would have been not dressed appropriately she would have been so mad at me. Then Nick and I told her we had to stop there to get golf clubs that he had ordered. When we pulled in I asked if he needed help carrying them so we could have an excuse to get her inside. Being a guy he says "uh I don't know". Uh okay Nick. Then my mom saw my dad's car and got a little confused. She was also really confused as to why I kept persisting that Nick needed help carrying golf clubs. 

After a few minutes she realized what was going on and told me she wasn't going inside but after I told her to get out of the damn car she obliged and went in. She was so so surprised. She says she just figured it was going to be family but when she saw all of her friends as well she was really surprised. I am so glad it went so smoothly. And I am so glad I had the help of my Aunt and a few other family members. It was a great night.
We came up with different things that had to do with my Mom from 1-50. It was slightly difficult and we may have had to stretch for some but we did it. And everyone loved them. For example, 1-Shari's favorite holiday (she loves April Fools Day). Or 22- Day her oldest was born (me, duh).
My uncle loves putting faces on M&M's so he had some ordered and delivered for the party. The arrived just in time and are freaking hilarious.
The cake was one of my favorite parts of the entire thing. It was amazing. We put all of the decorations on it and I think it turned out awesome. My Mom loved it.
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