Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Just Didn't Like It

Hey there everyone! My name is Luke. Which I'm sure you already know because my mom talks about me way too much. It's pretty much to the point of embarrassment. I try to tell her that people don't really need to see all of those pictures of me but she says that I'm just the cutest boy ever (gag) and since her name is in the title she can do what she wants. Whatever. I'm suppose to tell you all about my adventures with my crate this weekend. Which I don't think is really that big of a deal but mom and dad seem to think differently about it. You see, this crate came with me when Mom and Dad decided they wanted me to come run their house. And I hated it. But I would go in it because they threw treats in there. And then I would whine because how unfair is that? They trick me by throwing treats into my crate and then lock me in it and leave. So of course I started to hate it more and more because I like to run around and sleep on the couch and chew on my toys. And I was stuck in the crate with a stupid Cubs blanket that my Mom said was okay for me to pee on but my Dad said absolutely not. 

Anyway, this weekend was the final straw for me. I had had it with me locking me in there and leaving me. When they locked me up on Friday to go to the zoo without me I was mad. So I did what any rational dog would do and I came up with an idea on how to destroy my crate. If they weren't going to let me go to the zoo with them then I was going to find a way to get there myself. Unfortunately, I didn't make it out of my crate, but I did do some damage. And I was proud of myself.
After Mom came back to Grandpa Rick's house to play with me for awhile, she locked me back in that stupid thing. She said they were just going to dinner and that she would be home soon. Yeah, I've heard that before. And also, why was she getting to go to dinner and I had to wait until they got home to eat? I wasn't happy, obviously, so I decided to try and fight my way out of that thing again. I took the little piece that was bent on the side and pulled it into the crate and snapped it in half. That would show them. But then when they got home Grandpa Rick decided he would fix it for Mom and Dad, which I also wasn't happy about so I tried to stop him but then Mom said "let's go outside" and distracted me. Ugh. 

So on Saturday we packed up and headed over to Grandma Joanna's to see Keely and Smudge and Goliath. I was so excited because that meant no crate and lots of play time outside. But then Dad put the crate in the back of the car. What was going on?! When we got there I got to play a lot and I was being a really good boy hoping that they wouldn't put me in that thing again. But it was about time for the Hawks game and everyone was getting ready so I knew what that meant. And then Dad went downstairs to set the crate up and put me in it. I refused to go in but since Dad is stronger than I am I really didn't have a choice. However, as soon as he turned to go up the stairs I started on that thing with my teeth. I was determined to get out of it one way or another and guess what, I did. I was up those stairs probably before my Dad could even sit down in a chair. When Mom opened the downstairs door she just laughed because she knew what had happened. But man did my mouth hurt. I guess I cut my tongue in two spots trying really hard to get out of that thing, but it was totally worth it because I would never have to go in that awful thing again. I mean, just look at it!
Success! No crate for me! They had to leave me out with Smudge and Keely and Goliath. It wasn't fair that they didn't have to go in a crate and I did anyways. And I proved myself to be a good dog while they were gone. I can't tell you what happened while they were gone because what happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's, but I will tell you that I wasn't a bad boy and Mom and Dad said they were really proud of me. 

But then my worst nightmare happened and Mom and Dad brought ANOTHER crate home from the store. What the heck humans?! Thankfully, after I was a super good boy on Sunday, they decided to take that new jail back and haven't locked me in anything since. I was able to be by myself on Sunday night and all day yesterday while Mom and Dad were at work. I was able to just lay on the couch and sleep and chew on my toys like I've always wanted. I knew if I worked hard enough that I would finally break out of that awful place. And Mom couldn't even be mad at me and even though Dad said he was reallyyyy mad, he never actually looked mad. Probably because I just sat and smiled at them.

And that's all for today folks. It's time to go back to the couch and continue chewing on the new antler Mom gave me. And then take a nap. And then be a maniac because I think my humans really enjoy it. 
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Crazy Busy Four Day Weekend

I ended up getting a four day weekend and it was wonderful. Except for waking up at 8:30 on Sunday morning to do homework. Whatever. Anyways, Thursday night Nick, Luke, and I left for Nick's parents houses up north. It's only a little less than a four hour drive, but it felt like an eternity because Luke is now too big to fit on my lap so he is constantly walking on my legs trying to get comfortable or driving Nick crazy while he drives. Friday morning we got up around 8 and got ready to go to the Brookfield Zoo. I had never been to that zoo and I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that we had to pay to park and go in to the zoo. I guess that's what happens when I'm spoiled by the free St. Louis Zoo. But, the zoo was a super nice place and it was fun because there were a lot of baby animals out and all the regular animals were pretty active. It was also a super nice day so that helped. Even though I had goosebumps most of the day while everyone else was dripping in sweat. I'm weird, I know.
Friday night we went to a German restaurant and since I had no idea what anything on the menu was, I got a side salad. Yes, I know, I need to step out of my comfort zone. But I'm not the only one. Nick got a cheeseburger and his sister got chicken strips. But I did try a little of his aunt's wienerschnitzel and it was pretty good. Saturday we just went to his mom's and hung out while Luke played with her three dogs and destroyed his crate, which I'll let him tell you all about tomorrow, and then we went up to the bar to watch the Hawks play. That was super not fun because the Hawks lost and they really need to stop doing that. 

Sunday was Nick's sister's graduation from high school. She went to a private catholic school so the first hour and a half was a full mass. I had never been to a full mass and let me tell you, the shoes I wore were not full mass shoes. It was awful. No offense to anyone who is Catholic, but I just couldn't handle standing and sitting so much. If I would have had flats on it would have been ten times better. And if the gym we were sitting in with at least a couple hundred other people had air conditioning, I think it would have been 100x better. The last 20 minutes of the ceremony was the actual graduation stuff which was weird to me because I'm just use to going to a graduation ceremony and it being all about the graduation instead of a church service. After graduation was over we went back to Nick's dad's house and had a little cookout for Alli with all of their family. It was nice to be able to sit and relax with everyone because I enjoy just hanging out with his family a lot. It helps that they are all good cooks and all of the food was wonderful :). Luke also really enjoyed it and he was the perfect little angel I know he can be. #psychodogmom. He really was good though because we had him outside with us all day and he didn't try to run off once. He stayed in the yard with everyone and only got ahold of one bratwurst.

Uh yep, that's our dog in the background. Helping himself to my vodka and coke. So maybe he wasn't entirely perfect Sunday, but he is pretty darn close.
And after all the people had left and Nick and his dad went out, Luke and I got to unwind and do some more homework Sunday night. He passed out within five minutes of everyone leaving. And then woke up at 4:30 that night to puke two huge piles of puke. So you're welcome for that image. It was a lot of fun since Nick doesn't hear him get up and I do. Oh the joys of being a fur mom. 

Monday was spent driving home from Nick's parents and then going to my parents for dinner and laundry. When I got home from there we got to watch the Hawks lose again, it's starting to get slightly annoying. And the Cardinals lost. I hate when both of my teams lose. Anyways, and it was an early bed time for all of us. Going back to the real world is really no fun sometimes. 

However, I did make sure to take a minute, which I need to do all the time, to really think about the reason I was able to escape reality for a few days. So thank you to all of our men and women who have been and continue to be, fighting for our country and our freedom. There are no words to thank you and I don't think I could thank you enough for all that you and your family do for this country. It is amazing to be able to live with all of the freedoms that we have and I know that you guys are the reason for it, so once again, thank you so so so much for all of the sacrifices you have made and continue to make on a daily basis. 

Like I said earlier, look for a post brought to you by Lucas himself tomorrow on his adventures with his metal crate. That was a lot of fun this weekend.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Dose of Paige Is Two Giveaway!


A Dose of Paige has been around for two whole years. To celebrate, she's put together this amazing giveaway! So get to entering and get to celebrating!


Yep! That's right! An Ipad mini! Here's the deal:

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Most of all though, have fun!
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Blog Post Ideas

I've been trying my hardest to get organized on this blog and to start posting more often. I get so many ideas in my head and then never write them down. So after five minutes I lose them. So I decided to go the old grade school route to organize some of my ideas together. I figured I would share them with you in case you were having problems coming up with ideas. It was a super simple way to think of things and I was able to come up with all of these in like five minutes. I'm sure if I took more time to actually think of things that I could come up with a lot more, however for right now I feel like this is plenty. Feel free to pin/share this wherever and with whoever!


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Friday, May 16, 2014

I tried to bake

I can't bake. Period. It just doesn't come as naturally to me as being awesome at so many other things does, like just being an awesome person, duh. So last night when I decided to make something for the work cookout today I should have stuck with cooking something or making a cold pasta salad, or just bringing chips. However, I was home alone and feeling creative so I decided hell why not, I'll bake something awesome. Cue Pinterest which makes me think I can do all things super creative and I haven't quite grasped the concept that these people making these things on there are like super humans or something. 

At first I was just going to go simple and make cupcakes but then standing in the aisle at the grocery store I decided to check Pinterest one more time. And stumbled across this recipe I had pinned a long time ago. So I bought my supplies and didn't buy the ones I thought at home and headed on my way.

When I got home I found out that I didn't have vegetable oil to make the brownies so Google came to the rescue just like it has before. I asked if I could substitute olive oil for vegetable oil and even though some people said not to do it, a majority said I could so that's what I did. The instructions for this concoction say to let the brownies cool and then continue making the balls of cookie/brownie goodness and because I decided to make this at 10:00 at night, when they came out of the oven I decided to just let them cool over night and continue on the next morning.

When I woke up this morning though the brownies were hard as a rock, so that was the second fail. But I thought maybe I could just try really hard to cut them and somehow make it work. But then I started to read the rest of the instructions, something I probably should have done before deciding to make these, and it called for a mixer, which I don't have. Discouraged, I just decided to give up and I'm going to be that person at the cookout today who didn't bring anything. I'm a student worker and broke so they should understand. Hopefully. I probably won't get to eat or something. Joking, but really. 

And because what kind of post would this be without a picture of Luke, here is one from this morning. I hate when he gives me this look because it just kills me to go to work. But he should understand that I have to go to work and make money if he wants to continue being the spoiled baby he is. 
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Summer Goals

My summer break has already started, and ended. So that's cool. However, I only have until August 8 and then I am officially done with school and I cannot wait. Even though I am already done with my summer break, I feel as if I should still makes some goals for the next few months. I won't be able to travel anywhere because school thinks it's cool to be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays but whatev. So in order to make my "break" a little bearable, I decided to come up with some fun goals to reach this summer, on the blog and in real life.

1. Start taking ootd pictures that show my whole outfit and not just the top third of me. When I dress cute, usually after raiding my sisters closet, I always feel like I should take some pictures of the whole outfit. However, that never happens because I don't have anyone to take those pictures and I usually just end up taking a selfie instead. I know, judge me. 

2. Go for a walk with Luke at least four times a week. This has been happening maybe once a week but it needs to start happening like all the time. It's good for him because it gives him exercise and wears him out and it's also good for me because exercise, duh. 

3. Become more organized in real life and on this hear blog of mine. I need to get a nice planner that I'll be excited to write in and I need to come up with posts in advanced. I also need to write down all the assignments I'm going to have in my four summer classes so I can keep up with all the work that I'm about to endure in the next 3 months. 

4. Start cooking at home regularly. This also means I have to go to the grocery store on a regular basis. Which sucks. I hate the grocery store. But Nick and I eat fast food or go out to eat way too much and it really needs to stop. As I say while I drink my large sweet green tea from Sonic.

5. Save money. This is going to be hard considering I am going to be interning 45 minutes away from my house almost forty hours a week, for free. But I'm hoping to get a weekend waitressing job which will help with the money situation.

6. Take a little weekend vacation, because I know I'm going to need it once July rolls around. I really shouldn't complain since I do only have three months left of school, but after watching everyone graduate this weekend I feel like I'm going to be stressed to the max trying to get through this summer. 

7. Get Luke enrolled in puppy classes. He is a pretty well behaved dog but sometimes he likes to be a little crazy. He also doesn't realize how big he is which can cause destruction in an instant. Like the other day when he went to jump on my mom's lap who was sitting in the chair in the living room and he slid across her onto the side table and broke the lamp sitting on it. I also want him to stop pulling me when we go for walks or I take him outside because I am sick of sliding down our hill by our house while he sprints to the door for a treat. 

8. Start posting on this on a regular basis. I feel like I make this goal for myself a lot but I really want to get better at posting. On that note, I need to get a more exciting life or become more creative in my writing.

9. I also want to start crafting again. I kind of put that on the back burner after I met Nick because I just wanted to spend time with him. After we moved in together I thought I would get back into it since we were always around each other and I would have more time. However, then Luke came in to the picture and since he has to be on my lap at all times, it's a little hard to get anything done that I don't want him eating.

10. Stay on top of things at my apartment. Who would have thought that keeping two bedrooms, actually only one because my sister now resides in the other one, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room clean would be so much work. I now understand why my mom would get so frustrated after she cleaned the house because I feel like the second I clean something it's just dirty again. I need to stay on top of cleaning and I also want to decorate a little more since we are probably going to be there for awhile instead of moving out at the end of this month like we had planned when we moved in back in October.
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Monday, May 12, 2014

This Weekend

I feel like my summer break went by really fast. Probably because my summer break was Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And classes start today. So that's cool. Good thing is that after this summer I will officially be done with undergrad. So August 8 cannot come soon enough.

Anyway, Friday Nick finished his undergrad and graduated from SIUE. I am so proud of him and even though I've only been with him for the last year and a half of school, I know he has worked extremely hard for this and I know how excited he is to have earned his degree. It only took him five years ;-). 

Saturday was spent doing all things "Nick". We got to sleep in. And by sleep in I mean until almost nine because by then Luke was trying to eat our faces he was so hungry. We went to Fast Eddies for lunch, the casino for awhile, and then the horse track later that night. Nick got some money for graduation that was burning a hole in his pocket obviously. 

Sunday was spent working and then we went to my parents house for dinner with my mom. On the way home Luke fell asleep in Nick's arms. These two pictures are from February 1st to last night. I cannot believe how much Luke has grown. It's insane to me.
This was a super short post. However, now that summer classes have started I'm hoping to have a little more time to crank out some more posts once in awhile. Congratulations to all those bloggers out there who graduated this semester and Happy Mother's Day a day late to all the blogging moms!

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