Monday, April 29, 2013

I Keep Getting Interrupted by Phone Calls

I'm at work
So you would think I would be actually working
Or writing the paper that I have due at 5 pm tonight
But instead I am trying to write this post
But I keep getting interrupted by phone calls
Literally one every 20 seconds
Not joking
And I keep getting people coming into my office
Asking stupid questions
And it's taking everything in me not to give a smartass answer back
But I'm not
I'm smiling
And giving a nice answer
You're welcome people
Anywho, it's Monday
Which means the weekend just happened
So of course you want to know what I did
Which was pretty much nothing
 So these pictures are from sometime last week
I don't exactly remember what day
But I forgot to post them for your viewing pleasure
So I am now
No need to thank me
Friday during the day I got to hang out with this munchin
I cannot handle his adorableness
And I'm sure you can't either
Friday night my friend Adam fought his 7th MMA fight
And won, of course
He's a bad ass
Please refer here to see more badass that is Adam
His fight went two rounds
And in the second round he won by TKO
I taught him everything
I believe I said that in a different post too
Probably because it's the truth
This is him
Being a badass
And this picture was taken by Labonte Photography
He is a local photographer where I live and he does an awesome job
Check out his Facebook
Or his website
If you dig hard enough you may even be able to find old pictures of me on his website
But don't do that
Because I'm in highschool
And it's embarassing
K, thanks.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know I got my paper finished
Had to take a mini break from writing this, but it all got done
2 finals down, 2 to go.
Is it Wednesday at noon yet?

And for your viewing pleasure because I know you are bored
Here are some senior pictures taken by Labonte Photography
Of me
And my sisters
When I was a senior in highschool
Don't judge me
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

This might be TMI

But I'm going to write it anyways
Because this is my little place on the world wide web
And I feel like talking about this problem
Every girl has it
So what's the big deal right?
Can I just point out that I don't get why we have to have these
Like thank you for killing me for being responsible and NOT getting pregnant
 And that little box above?
Yeah some say it's heaven for cramps
But wrong, it does nothing
At least not for me
Instead I lay around complaining like a big baby because my cramps kill me
Seriously though
My cramps start two days before and last the entire time
And yes, I am a big baby
So yes, I may be exaggerating 
Or they might not be as bad as I think
But they are the WORST
I dread this time of the month
I can't even begin to tell you how dreaded this time of the month is
Because yes, I am a big baby
And do not even get me started on food
I pig out like the week before
I eat everything in sight
The other night I sat and watched 27 Dresses
And ate a big bowl of cereal
A big bowl of ice cream
Some brownies
And some popcorn
In less than 2 hours
 This is how I feel right now
Can't even move
I just want to be in bed
And everything bugs me
Or upsets me 
Or pisses me off
Like everything
Some girl looks at me and I'm like "um did she really just look at me like that"
My boss asks me to do my job and I'm like "um I'm on Pinterest right now back off"
(Not really)
I have a paper due in my English class and I'm like "um not writing it, I want to curl up in bed and eat reeses"
But really, everything pisses me off
And this is what reallyyyyy pisses me off
When a guy says "cramps aren't that bad"
Let's see you go through this once a month for four days at a time
You couldn't so just be nice and bring me flowers and chocolate and maybe go out and get some tampons too
 So there you have it
My feelings today
Thank you and goodnight
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Why are life decisions so hard?

I hate decisions
Any type of decision
Like what to get at a restaurant
Those decisions are so tricky
Seriously though, they should give you like 4 choices and that is it
Not menus bigger than my head with hundreds of choices on each page
 So I am currently ending my junior year of college
Or what I see it as, three years of being lectured at
Which I hate
And in those three years I have changed my major once
I started out in Mass Communications
After two years I decided that wasn't for me
Then I did a year of elementary education
Now I have decided I don't think that's for me either
So after being in school for three years
I still don't know what I want to do
Which causes a problem
Because I hate being in school
But every time I change my mind I set myself farther back
So, do I continue down the road of elementary education?
Or do I find something else I want to do and see if that works for me
Why can't I just get told what to do?
So how am I suppose to make this huge life decision if I can't even decide what to eat
I have no idea what I'm going to do
I guess it's a good thing the semester is almost over
And three months might seem like a lot of time to figure it out
But I haven't even been able to figure it out in three years
I mean, maybe I can just stay in school for the rest of my life
I'll never have to pay back student loans
Or go to a big girl job
But then I'll never have money
Or a life
Because who wants to hang out with someone who's been in school for 40 years?
I also need to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks
Because right now I am trying to base what I do on what others say
And I know that's not how it should be
I should be making this decision only for myself
Not anyone else
But that's what I do, I like to please others before I make myself happy
Sometimes that's a good thing
But right now, not so much
So as of right now I am stuck having no idea what I want in life
And at 21 I feel as if I should know these things
I am so glad this semester is almost over
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend
Update on mine tomorrow
Since I know you love getting those updates

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer Vacations

I love summer
I am so glad it is the middle of April
Because that means it's almost summer
And with summer comes vacations

So in honor of wanting summer break to be here yesterday, I have put together some pictures of my favorite vacations
All of them involve the beach
In case you were wondering
 All of these pictures took place somewhere in the L.A. region of Cali
Some are on the beach
The rock picture is taken where they got the idea for The Lion King
And some are in Hollywood

These are all taken in Texas
We go to the beach
Or the lake
And it's all the best time ever
You should be jealous :)

Where do you go on vacation?

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The adventures of cleaning out my car

So yesterday I decided to clean out my car
For the first time since the beginning of January
And if you know me, you know this is not good
Because I had soooo much trash and sooo many clothes in my car it was crazy
The guy who fixes my car always asks "how many people live in here"
That's how bad it is
Not actually my car .. FYI

Anyways, while cleaning out my car everything started off fine
So I got a couple dollars from my dad to go up town to vacuum it out
And that's when the fun started
First the sky was looking pretty dark while cleaning it out
But I ignored it
So while I was vacuuming the sky decided to start crying
Out of pure happiness that I was cleaning out my car, I'm sure
But I was not happy

And then these two little boys
Probably around 10 or 11
Decided they were going to ride their bikes around me
In circles
The entire 15 minutes it took me to vacuum out my car
-_- <---the face I gave them

Anddd then!
They started yelling things as they went by
And kept scaring me
But I tried to ignore them
And by doing that I hit my head
On the corner of my car door

This is why I don't clean out my car
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Monday, April 15, 2013

A weekend filled with laziness

This weekend was pretty much filled with nothing but being lazy
Some homework was thrown into the mix
And a baptism 
But for the most part I was lazyyy
One: Me and the boyfriend at my cousin's baptism
Two: Saturday night me and the boyfriend went with some of my family to dinner and to see 42. It was a great movie and I really think everyone should see it. Even if they do have the Cardinals as being mean in it :(
Three and Four: The ride home from the baptism Ethan decided he wanted to wear my sunglasses. He's hip.
Five: Sunday I did pretty much nothing after the baptism. And I had this ridiculous head ache. So I decided a bath would help. It didn't. Whatever.
 That's how exciting my weekend was.

On another note, it's pretty much spring time here
Kind of.
Last week the temperature ranged from 75 to 45. 
Illinois pms's a lot
So in honor of spring time being here (for good hopefully)
Here are some outfits I would like to have in my closet
Preferably soon

Why can't this happen to me?

On a more serious note:
Please send out prayers for everyone involved in the Boston Marathon explosions.
This is awful
And I wish so badly that there was something I could do.
But I know just praying for them will help out.
So please join me in prayer.
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Glitter your phone charger

So I keep seeing all these pretty glittered phone chargers on the internet
And because I am a broke college student I can't afford to buy one
So I dug into my 36 different kinds of glitter 
I'm not obsessed or anything
And I picked out a pink one and got to work on my own phone charger
And because you can get them on Amazon for pretty much nothing I wasn't too worried about messing it up

What I did:
I painted on a coat of Mod Podge onto the plastic parts of the charger
Then sprinkled the glitter onto it
I let that dry and then went back and did a second coat of glitter
Let that dry and did a third coat
After that dried I sprayed the Mod Podge sealer onto all of it

Easy as that
It doesn't look as pretty as the ones you can buy
But it does the job!
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How Animals Eat Their Food

Watch this video
You won't regret it

Happy Saturday friends
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Friday, April 12, 2013

A Circus Birthday Party and Other Happenings

Last weekend I headed up north with my boyfriend for his cousins birthday party
It was circus themed
And adorable
The decorations were awesome
Unfortuantely I did not get any pictures of them
But take my word for it, the little boy's mom did awesomeeee
 I got my face painted by the nice clown lady

We also went out to watch the Blues/Blackhawks game
Which ended in my favor
Because the Blues won, like they are suppose to do

Also, April 9 was my pups 5th birthday
I cannot believe where the time has gone
I feel like I just got him and he was this little baby
And the lady told me he was only going to be 6 pounds
But she lied
He's like 20 now...
 Digging into his treats that I got him
Doggy donuts with sprinkles
This makes me sad
Can we have the little Tatum back?

 It's student worker appreciation week over here
And this was my lunch for the day
Healthy, I know
 I discovered these gems at the grocery store the other day
Sidenote: I have cooked dinner four times now
Twice this week so far
I HATE grocery shopping
Incase you were wondering
Anyways, I had to buy the Cubs ones (I know, I know) 
But the boyfriend is a Cubs fan....
 This is what he does at work
Sits on a cart and plays games...
 We went bowling and I kicked ass
 He just really enjoys taking pictures with me
 My breakfast today
Again, healthy I know
These. Are. Amazing.
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