Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIY Picture Coasters and Glitter Letters! :)

Ok, so let me just tell you, I have been waiting a week to finally post this DIY! But I couldn't post it until I gave these to my wonderful cousin for her bridal shower (pictures of the shower to follow in a separate post). Anyways, these were pretty easy to do. I also had my lovely boyfriend who helped me because he is just the greatest! Let me tell you, I went to three different places before ending up at a floor store to get these tiles. I tried Michaels and few hardware stores in town. No one had tiles. So I went over to a flooring store and they had some! Thank goodness! Anyways here is what you need:

4x6 pictures
Tiles (I believe mine were 4x4)
Felt - the kind with the sticky back
Mod Podge 
Mod Podge clear spray
Sponge Brushes

I put the felt on first, but I recommend doing it last because pieces of it would get stuck in the glue

Align and cut the picture how you want it to fit on the tile

Place a layer of mod podge onto the tile - don't make it to thick because that will cause bubbles between the picture and the tile

Lay the picture down - you can move it around a little bit right after you lay it down if you don't get it perfect - but make sure there are no bubbles

My little helper :)

He is a perfectionist

Let them dry for at least 20 minutes after you lay them down on the tile

Then place 2-3 thin layers of mod podge on top of the pictures - allow at least fifteen minutes in between each layer for them to dry

Helping some more :)

After you do the two to three layers allow them to dry for 24 hours. Then spray them with the clear acrylic spray 2-3 times, waiting fifteen minutes in between each spray. Let them dry again and then you are all done!
Sorry for no end result pictures. I was so excited about them I forgot. Oops! :)
But I would like to say that my cousin loved them and they were a hit at the shower! Props to Pinterest! Ps. send me a comment if you need an invite to Pinterest. It will change your life! :)

Also I added two B's to the outside of her present. 
I just bought the two B's from Michaels (of course). Then some Mod Podge (can you tell I love it?) glitter (something I also love) and a sponge brush.

Her colors are brown...

...and coral. So these went perfect! :)

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

They look great!! What kind of acrylic spray did you use?

CraftyGirl said...

Did you use actual pictures, or did you use cardstock. I have seen some where they are printed on cardstock.

Anonymous said...

2 of mine had air pockets in them. How do you take it out without damaging the picture?