Friday, May 4, 2012

A Walk on the Field at Busch Stadium!

  You read that title right! My sister got to walk on the field at Busch Stadium last night! She was being honored for being a nerd and an athlete at the same time. Or as it is really called, "Scholarly Athlete". So her and 116 other little scholarly athletes got to walk around Busch Stadium on the field. She really enjoyed it and so did I because I got a free ticket to the game! And of course the Cardinals won because they are the greatest, duh. Anyways, obvi I took a million and one pictures. So I am going to show you!

This is what it looks like when Molina is on first, Carpenter is on third and Robinson is in the outfield.

These next pictures were taken by Carrie while she was on the field!

Lynn and Molina warming up!
Mr. Matheny and Mr. Carpenter!


Home Plate!

  That is all. See not to bad right? And if you are any kind of Cardinal fan you should enjoy looking at the pictures of course! :) Anywho, I am now done with finals! YES!! Hello two week break until I start again. So expect a few new DIY's in the next couple of weeks and some more during the summer! I am so excited for summer break! I hope everyone did well on their finals! 

It's nice to see you again summer!

Thank you for reading! I will do Friday Findings later today! :)

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