Friday, October 25, 2013

My Favorite Group of Guys Ever

So, it's Friday. I'm ready to go home and take a nap. And it isn't even noon yet. But that's okay because like I said, it's Friday. And I'm off all weekend. And the Cardinals are in the World Series. And the series is tied 1-1. And I learned I am no longer allowed to wear Cardinals attire on the days that they play in this series. Why? Well, Wednesday I had my new Cardinals shirt on (courtesy of my Mom and Dad for my birthday) and they lost that night. They lost bad. So yesterday I wore a different outfit (that I got for my birthday from my mom and dad as well) and they won. And it was wonderful. So, I guess no more wearing Cardinals shirts on days they play. Which is why I'm wearing one today and not tomorrow. But tomorrow they bring it home and I am hoping they win the next three because those are all home and for them to be able to win it at home would be amazing. And I'm rambling now. But this post is going to be totally dedicated to the second most important group of men in my life (the first being the men in my family obviously).

Because I am slightly obsessed with these guys, I have been watching video after video all week and now I will bring you some of the best I saw. And the two newest rally songs that I may or may not have downloaded to iTunes to be put on to my phone later today...

These guys seem like they are some of the funnest people to be around. Not joking. Just look.

And here is a video to get you super pumped for the Cardinals to win the whole thing. Because honestly, I totally and completely believe that they are going to win the whole thing. I mean come on, they are the Cardinals.

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