Thursday, October 3, 2013

Get Your First Groovebook Free!

So about a month ago I discovered this app called Groovebook. I was a little sketchy at first because it said that it only costs $2.99 a month for shipping and processing. But I tried it anyways because I saw it on a blog that I consider to be reliable. Well, yesterday my Groovebook came in and let me tell you, I cannot be happier or more excited to have found this little gem of an app.

So what you do is download the app (which is free) on your iPhone and once it is downloaded open it up. You then select up to 100 pictures from your phone and click upload. Once uploaded you can either wait until the closing day (which is a month from the day you signed up for the first one, and then that same day every month) or you can close the book as soon as you have 100 pictures uploaded. It takes about 2 days to process and 10-14 business days to get the book. It's seriously awesome though because where else can you get 100 pictures for $2.99?
The best part? I have a code for you to get your first one totally free! Just enter GRANDIDIER10 when you are signing up and you won't be charged at all for your first one. After that it is a recurring charge of only $2.99 a month which I think is an awesome, awesome price. 

P.S. this post wasn't sponsored in anyway by Groovebook. I just think it's an awesome app and I wanted to let everyone know about it so they can have the chance to get all of their memories printed too.

If you have any other questions, just leave me a comment and I will answer them for you! Or you can go to the Groovebook FAQ section as well!
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