Monday, October 22, 2012

21 in 21 update!

So in case you were wondering, I am the big 2-1 today!! 
Not that I am excited or anything ... who doesn't get excited to turn 21
Or to have a birthday at all for that matter?
Who am I kidding?
I love birthdays .. my birthday, my moms birthday, my aunts birthday, my friends birthday
I just love them
And when they are a big birthday like turning 16, 21 or 50 I get super excited!

So with that being said let's just take a stroll back to this post titled 21 in 21.
I may or may not have started this a little early buttttt hey, I like to get a head start on things.

I am now able to cross off a few on this list! 
Hellllllll yesssss!

1. Celebrate my 21st with everyone I love.
That will be happening tonight and I am sooo excited!!

2. Go on a road trip.
Done and done!
If you recall I took a little road trip over to Ohio about a month ago

5. Go to a concert.
I went to one just a few weekends ago!
And Dierks Bentley stole my heart

6. Get back to my high school weight.
I have accomplished this.
I don't have any before and after pictures.
But I am so glad I was able to set my mind to it and accomplish it.
It is a wonderful feeling.

10. Get my third and fourth tattoo.
I haven't gotten my fourth yet but I did get my third.

13. Take a trip up to Chicago.
Accomplished a few weeks ago!
There will be a whole post on this soon!

I have been busy if I do say so myself.
I have a lot left to do and I want to add to this list.
But for now I feel slightly accomplished!
I hope you all have a great day!
I know I will ... but tomorrow won't be so great...
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Malo said...

Joyeux anniversaire ;)
Have a lovely day, it's yours!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

I like that tattoo!

Katie said...

Love the tattoo! And happy birthday!

Pinkie for Pink said...

I love the tattoo. So pretty and meaningful :) I am visiting from the Friday Chaos blog hop. I am a follower of yours now and would love if you would come visit and follow me.