Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A New Adventure!

So yesterday Nick and I moved in to a new apartment. And since I am a Pinterest obsessed crazy girl, of course I am just way too excited to start decorating. Unfortunately, we have limited funds and I have limited time this week to start on anything too crazy. However, that has not stopped me from constantly looking at Pinterest for new and wonderful ideas. Let me just tell you, Nick is so excited I want to decorate. His idea of decorating is hanging his awful Cubs stuff on the walls. Sorry, but that is not happening, ha! If any of you have any ideas on cute, cheap ways to decorate an apartment let me know! Here are some things I am really wanting to do! And once we are all settled and I have decorated a little bit I will obviously give you all a grand tour :).

I can't decided between this one or this one...

The link for this one did not work...
Obviously I am slightly obsessed with hanging Instagram pictures...
How badly I want to go to Ikea now so I can get these is ridiculous..
There isn't a link for this one
But how cute is this for keys?
And you'll always know where they are!
There's also no link for this
But it's pretty self explanatory right?

And because I don't want Nick to move out faster than we moved in, I should probably stop here. I'm sure I will be posting pictures like crazy once we are moved in and I have started DIYing everything in the apartment!
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