Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Favorite Things About Fall!

It's officially fall. Well, it has been for a few days now. But it's October. The best month in the entire world. No joke. This month has everything. My favorite holiday, my favorite day, my favorite weather, my favorite things to do, basically my favorite everything. So naturally, I couldn't pass up the great link-up being put on by Brianna! So we will get right to it. Ten things I love about fall. Even if it was super hard to narrow it down to ten things... Warning: This list will involve way too much Halloween. Wait, what am I saying? You can never have too much Halloween...

1. Dressing up for Halloween. I dress my dog up for Halloween. I dress myself up for Halloween. If I could dress my fish up for Halloween I would. Sometimes I have multiple costumes for Halloween.

 These pictures are taken two different years. This is Tatum's favorite costume. I'm not kidding. I tried to put it on Percy one time and Tatum basically ripped it off of him.
 This app will be redownloaded on to my phone in the next few hours probably. Expect a new zombie picture in the next few days...

2. Going to haunted houses. I've been going to the same one for 8 years now. Don't ask my why I do it. But I do. It's one of the "best ones in the U.S." according to the Travel Channel and such...

3. Carving pumpkins/Pumpkin Fest. Every year my aunt and uncle host the annual Pumpkin Fest where we all get together and carve pumpkins, sit around the fire, cook hot dogs and marshmallows, you know, all the wonderful stuff about fall.

4. Decorating for Halloween. I'm not joking. I painted a pumpkin at work like 3 weeks ago because I'm just that excited about Halloween. And don't even get me started on the skull mug I painted a few weeks ago. I didn't even let those hit the shelves before I had one out and already painted.

5. Just Halloween in general, obviously
6. Carmel apples. Enough said.

7. When October is painted red! No joke. And so far it is this year too! My love for the Cardinals ranks in the top 5 of my love for anything/anyone. 

8. How colorful fall gets. I love how the leaves look when they're changing. I love campus at this time of year because of how beautiful it looks. It's about the only time I love campus actually...
9.  The type of clothing I can wear. I prefer being in jeans and a jacket with a scarf. It's just that simple.
And shooting guns apparently...

10. Um, my birthday!

 This would be my 18th birthday. And yes, that cake is a McDonalds cake. I worked there, and so I guess it's the cake I wanted...
Numero 20, where 19 went I have no idea. 

And then my 21st birthday. Expect a 21 in 21 conclusion soon.
And this year it's my golden birthday. I can find a reason for any birthday to be an event. I just love birthdays. Mine, my families, my friends, anyones really. I mean, don't you think everyone should celebrate another year of making it through this adventure we call life? I think that's more than enough reason to celebrate.

So obviously I love Halloween, in case you didn't gather that from 1-5. But really, fall is the best season. Sometimes I forget it goes in to November too because October is seriously just the best month ever. What are your favorite things about fall?
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