Friday, June 14, 2013

Chicago According to My Phone

Hello, it's been awhile
Wednesday I returned from my trip up to Chicago with Nick
I know he really enjoyed being with me 24/7 for pretty much 6 whole days
For now I am just uploading all the pictures from my phone until I get around to actually editing the ones from my camera

Friday we left and headed up to his dad's house
He also really enjoys car rides and taking pictures with me, obviously

Saturday was his moms party for her wedding
It was awesomely decorated so of course I didn't get any pictures
I did, however, make him take a lot of pictures because again, he loves taking them with me

Sunday we picked up Penny, went to the Cubs game and then went to eat at Gino's
(Our waiter at Ginos sucked .. absolutely terrible)

Monday we did a lot of touristy things
We went to The Sears Tower, The Bean, and Navy Pier
You couldn't see down Navy Pier because of all the fog so we ended up just eating at Bubba Gumps
 Tuesday we decided to do some shopping on Michigan Ave. before the second Cubs game
Wednesday we didn't do anything except sleep in, watch PLL, and drive home
It was a great trip and it was really nice to get away for a few days
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Melissaaa said...

I love this! Saw you trough the blog lovin thing!

I'm definitely following you! I love your blog so much!!!

Love, The mind of an exchange

Luanne @ 3380 Lady said...

Lovely post and photos!
Found your through the collective hop and following.