Thursday, October 25, 2012

When you are me... this happens...

Warning: this may gross you out
Or not
I have an extremely weak stomach
So it grosses me out to look at it
But you may have a stronger stomach
Like if someone makes a lougy sound around me
I barf
If someone spits around me
I barf more
If someone talks about vomit
I barf
If someone.... you get the point

Anyways, the other night (Sunday to be exact) I was watching my lovely Cardinals lose
It was depressing to say the least
When this boy came over to my house
So naturally I went outside to greet him
I also went outside barefoot (what? you don't walk around at night barefoot?)
I also left the door open
So while I was heading back towards the door my uncle started cheering
Naturally I got suppperrrrr excited, thinking it was going to be the Cards comeback!
(It wasn't by the way)
So I ran into the house to see what happened
And I literally ran into the house
Ignore my nasty ass feet
But my pinky toe does not usually look like that
Soooo then my aunt pulled it back into place
Usually she said they give you a numbing shot before they do it
But nope, I'm a badass and took the pain
Kidding, I screamed like a little girl
I hate pain
The x-ray
I don't know how to read it
It just looks gross
Also this was the night BEFORE my 21st birthday
So I got to walk around all birthday on crutches
And then had to sleep like this for the past couple nights
And then yesterday and today I was in this
All of these options annoy me so now I am just going to tough it out in a shoe
I know, I know, it's a baby toe
But listen to me when I say I AM A HUGE BABY
I hate pain
Any form of it
And I will let you know

End of story.
You are free to make fun of me.
You are also free to move about the country
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Ashlee Christopher said...

Oh my god girl you poor thing!! I am so sorry get better!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Oh my gosh what a bummer!! At least you can laugh about it and pretty sure you'll NEVER gonna forget your 21st birthday :)

Adam Davis said...

That shoe on your unhurt foot looks nice and stinky. Love them fat legs.