Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Wardrobe Needed

So I started a new little job about a month ago. 

*Side note, I think I start every post with "So". Whatever*

Anyways, I started a new internship at school and it's pretty darn amazing if you ask me. I love being able to work with social media all the time and I was just given the opportunity to help put together a new website. I'm looking forward to all the cool opportunities and experiences I am going to have with this job. But along with this job comes a need for a new wardrobe. And because I am usually dressed in "I didn't even bother to shower before I went to class" clothes, I think I need to revamp what I am wearing. For my birthday my mom helped me out a bit by getting me a few new shirts and some new pants that actually fit me. And because this is the only picture I took of the outfit Thursday you're welcome. I did get three compliments on this outfit yesterday, btw.
Also, because Friday is jeans day across the nation in places that require you to look cute the rest of the week, I took full advantage of that. Not saying my boss doesn't let us wear jeans during the week if we want to. But Friday is actually "jeans day" so yeah. And because I can no longer wear Cardinals attire when they are playing, I got to wear my Cardinals shirt Friday since it was an off day. As you can see in this picture too, I really do make the cutest faces ever. I also have no shame in taking a selfie in the bathroom at work apparently..
So the point of this post you ask? Didn't you know it was to show you how good I can look while taking selfies in bathrooms? Right, the actual point. So I've been searching Pinterest (obviously) for some cute business casual looks. And I decided to bring you some of my favorites since I figured you all (for some strange reason) don't follow my Pinterest boards and would like to see what I've been pinning lately. I'll save my already started Christmas list for a different post. Maybe one in say, the end of November or beginning of December, when it's socially acceptable to do such a thing..

 Minus the big sweater
And then I discovered this girls blog. And I'm pretty sure I'll be here the rest of the day being jealous of how cute she always looks and wondering how in the hell she gets the ideas of putting these outfits together. I feel like it has to be a full time job in itself. So here are some of my favorite outfits with the link back to the posts from her blog.
This post just makes me wish I had 242789035784032578402 dollars to go spend on all the new clothes I could ever want. Unfortuantly, I am a broke college student. So I have to just get one piece of clothing at a time. Maybe one day I will have built up a wardrobe that is "Pinterest worthy".  Anyone have any ideas for clothes? What is your favorite business casual look?
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Savannah Robinson said...

Love this lady! So adorable. Finding cute, professional internship clothes is a must for networking!

Love the dress w scarf :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your stripped cardigan!? Love your style!!

Jaime said...

Congrats on the new internship! Love having a reason for new clothes! :)

I found you via the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop!