Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is Red October Exactly?

It's the way of life around this area once baseball post season hits.
It's one of the many things I look forward to in the month of October.
Without it, October wouldn't be the same.
It lasted from October 19-October 28 last year.

It's this.
And this.
And this.
 It's also this.
And this.

 It's this video.

I live for Red October.
The atmosphere at Busch Stadium is unbelieveable during the regular season.
It amplifies during the post season.
There is not a better set of baseball fans, nor is there ever going to be a better team.
Win or lose, we are always there cheering on the Cardinals.
If you were smart, you'd be doing the same thing.

PS. I may be getting a little ahead of myself. They just clinched the last wild card spot. But knowing the Cardinals, and the way they can perform, this October will surely be red for the whole month.

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Tiffanie A said...

WOHOOOO!!!!! Go Cards!!!!!! I was at the game on Saturday!

Sonya said...

YAY! That video gives me chills just watching it! Reminds me of being at the celebration last October. That was AMAZING! I predict good things on Friday night. We won't see it live because we are going to a concert. It just so happens it's the same group we saw last fall when the Cards clinched the NLCS! Hoping that's a good sign! Like I say, we don't have to be awesome to get into the post season, we just have to be awesome when we get to the post season!

Ashlee Christopher said...

FUn fun fun!! Just found your blog I am loving it!
Wondering if you wanna be friends and follow each other??
Have a fab weekend chicka!