Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Favorite Place to Be

There is one place I love to be more than anywhere else. School. Joking, obviously, I hate that place. If I could pick anywhere in the world to live it would probably be Busch Stadium. The atmosphere, especially during playoff games, and the players are my two favorite parts about it. The too expensive food and drinks I could do without, but they're awesome there and let you bring your own drinks in so that helps to save money.

Anyways, Cardinals baseball is my happy season. It may be because they are so good and I can count on them to always be playing on my birthday, but for some reason I love those boys dressed in red and white. If you've been following along since I started this little blog you would know how much I love them. If not, then just check it out here, here, here, and here.

So last Tuesday when one of my friends told me she had four free tickets, Nick and I jumped on them quick! We went with her and her husband and sat on the third base foul line. The entire game I wanted a foul ball to come flying at us from Matt Carpenter, but that never happened. That's okay though Carp (since I know you're reading this) I'll forgive you this time. 

Tuesday night the guys also got their NLCS rings before the game started. It was neat to see that because the hall of famers came back for their rings too.

Friday night was a Cardinals vs. Cubs game and I had bought the tickets back in February for Nick's anniversary present. We started out four rows behind the Cubs dugout in the bleacher section but when we realized one of my friends was also there we ended up sitting three rows from the field in the bleacher section with her. The end of the game was not what I wanted (the Cubs won in 11 innings) but I'm glad Nick enjoyed it because he doesn't get to see them play that often since we live down here. I also got my Michael Wacha bobble head, so that was really all I needed. Well, and maybe a home run ball from Carpenter, but once again, I'll forgive him.

That's Peter Borjous. In case you were wondering, that rhymes with gorgeous. Which is appropriate for our new center fielder. Now if he could just pick up his bat.

And, because we can't get enough sports in one month, we will be attending games 2 and 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoff series between the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks. I will admit, I am a Blackhawks fan and not a Blues fan. But that's because I didn't watch hockey before Nicholas came along and since he's a die hard Hawks fan I just kind of became one too. So hopefully they kick some Blues butt!

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Sonya said...

It is definitely the best place to be! We didn't get to see any hockey games this year. When the Blues decided to make it impossible to buy tickets to the games vs the Blackhawks we decided it wasn't worth it to us. It was disappointing but we didn't want to spend our money with them if they were going to be jerks.

Sonya said...
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