Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You Don't Know My Dog

Yesterday I had Luke outside so he could take care of his business when the neighbor two houses down took his little dog out to do the same thing. Luke, being the excited to see anyone or any other dog, puppy he is, pulled me over to them and started barking. Mind you, this bark was not a mean bark at all, rather a playful hello. Now I know that because he is a 50 pound puppy and that guys pup was maybeeee 15 pounds at most, that he would be a little hesitant about Luke. However, when I have my dog on a leash and he stops more than 20 feet away from you, please do not step in front of your dog and glare at mine. You don't know him, you have no idea what he's like. It is ignorant people like you that are the reason big dogs have such bad raps. So before you make judgements on my dog again, or anyone else's dog that isn't a ten pound little ball of fur (not that I don't like them, because I think they are freakin adorable) maybe, just maybe, take a second to talk to the owner to see what the dog is like. Maybe if you would have talked to me you would have found out some things like:

Luke's favorite place to be is on the edge of the couch looking out the window. He doesn't try to jump through the screen or eat anyone that walks by, he just watches. He'll even sit there at night and just stare into the dark. He loves watching for anything or anyone to walk by.
If he wants to play he brings you his toy and puts it in your hand. Unless it's a ball, then he puts it in your hand and takes it out, multiple times, until you can finally grab it from him. And if he wants to go play outside, he will go to the door and sit there until you go outside with him so he can pick up a stick and run around with it like a crazy man. Seriously, being outside is one of his many favorite things to do.

As soon as I put my tennis shoes on, he knows it's time for a walk. He's smart enough to know that my tennis shoes don't just get put on by choice, he knows that if they are put on that means he gets to go for a walk/run.

He also knows that 3/4 of the time I grab my car keys, he gets to ride along. And let me tell you, car rides are his favorite thing ever. He may get a little car sick at times, but that doesn't stop him for being so extremely happy while riding in the car that no one could bring him down.
He doesn't try to bite or attack you when he has something in his mouth. He just lets me take it out without any fight at all. Okay, maybe he tries to turn away when I do it, but other than that he has no problems with me reaching in his mouth for something. And while he's eating I can stick my hand down in to his bowl with no problem as well. He's such a mean dog that he just keeps on eating and totally ignores the fact that I'm putting my hand right in his face while he eats...

You may have also found out that as soon as 10:00 p.m. hits it is lights out. He comes up on my lap and passes out. It's every night. I don't even need to look at a clock to know what time it is.

He loves to cuddle too. When I'm not home he cuddles up on Nick's lap and just sleeps for hours. When I am home, he lays his head on my lap to take a quick little snooze. But when it's time for bed, it's up on my pillow he goes. His head lays right on top of mine, or I'm forced to lay farther down the bed so he can have room to sleep. I know, he's spoiled.
You could have learned that when he is around other dogs, he is as nice as can be. And if the other dogs, like my parents seven pound and twelve pound dogs, attack him or go after him at all, he just walks away and ignores them. He doesn't try to fight back or go after them. He's as gentle as ever with other dogs.

It's the same way with children. Yes, he tries to lick them, but never has he growled or snipped at a child. Or another human for that matter. He is the sweetest boy you will probably ever meet. He could run laps with my cousin for hours if we let them, and both of them will have the biggest smile ever on their faces.

The computer cannot be on my lap. Ever. If he is somewhere else in the room and I get my computer out, he instantly jumps up to lay on me. I don't know what it is about the computer, but he has to be right on my lap and cuddling while I'm on it.

You could have also learned that if I show him a video of a dog or a cat or anything really, that he will actually sit and watch it with me. I have no idea if he is paying attention to it, but he watches it with me the whole time I'm showing it to him.

When he is sleepy or worn out from playing or going for a walk, he is the most snuggly boy in the entire world. He will either curl up right next to you or right at the end of the couch where he can watch outside while trying to take a nap.

He never leaves my side, and when I leave you would think I was leaving forever. I can't take a shower or go to the bathroom or do the dishes or clean the living room without him being right at my side. And that's the way I like it. 

One last thing you could have learned about him? He is one of the most loving puppies you will ever meet. He may attack you. But it will be with sloppy wet kisses and that's it. Because those are his favorite things to give. 
So before you decide to step in front of you dog while glaring at mine, maybe get to know him. Most dogs are a reflection of their owners. It's not their breeds fault, but the person who has taught them how to act's fault. And I'm sorry that I haven't taught my dog to act in the stereotypical way that you may think we have, but we have decided to raise our dog to be kind and gentle. Yes, he drags me around while he's on the leash, but that's because I need to get stronger, and has nothing to do with him. And just to let you know, even though I don't have to, he is snuggled up right next to me as I type this. And he's not trying to attack me or eat my face off. He's actually watching the baseball game as this is being typed. So thank you for making me stop for a second to realize how amazing and wonderful my dog is, and just giving me another reason as to why dogs can be so much better than humans.
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Meghan said...

What a sweet post about your dog, Luke is so adorable! & I love that selfie of you in the car with him behind you~