Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Bathroom Sink

Today as I was getting ready for work I noticed that our bathroom sink was getting extremely gross. I know, that's probably TMI, but I can't start off a post on things that send me into freak out mode without sharing with you one on the top of the list. Seriously, a dirty bathroom sinks I can't handle it. And I've known it needs cleaned for a few days, I just haven't had time. So in the mornings when I'm rushing to get ready for work I get to look at that nasty thing and promise myself that I will clean it when I get home. And then I get home and just want to sit for an hour with Luke before bed instead of cleaning. Oh well.

So here are a few other things that give me anxiety.

1. Having to clean the bathtub/shower. I absolutely hate this. Like probably one of the worst things that come with living on your own. Why have they not made showers that clean themselves? And why is it so hard to clean one? Like before I lived on my own and would hear people complaining about it I wouldn't understand because it didn't seem all that bad. Ugh was I wrong. And having a 45 pound puppy trying to help you doesn't make it any better. Seriously just want to scream.
Thanks Sookie.

2. Pulling by the pump at the gas station. For some reason I freak out and think I am way too close when in reality I am wayyyy too far away. And Nick makes fun of me every single time he is with me when I have to pull by a pump. It's awful. And I realize it every time I get out of my car. But for some reason it just freaks me out. That also includes pulling out of parking spots in a parking lot. This one could stem from the two vehicles I have already hit while backing out of a parking spot. But whatever.

This was just this morning. Perfect example of how the pump barely makes it to my car. At least I'm cautious. 

3. Slow drivers are also theeee worst. Really, what goes through someones head when they decide to drive five or ten under the speed limit? My philosophy on speed limits: they put a speed limit up but really you can go five over. For example, they put 65 up but mean 70 but if they put 70 up then people would go 75 and that's not what they mean. Boom. So please people, at least go the speed limit, but preferably go five over. K thanks.

4. Dirty dishes in the sink. Like why does this exist? We don't use our dishwasher because we never have enough dishes to justify using it. But I cannot handle even just a dirty knife in the sink. I have to clean it. After cooking dinner I never feel like cleaning the dishes but I don't leave them because I hate them sitting in the sink even more than I hate cleaning them.

And then this post turned into me just naming off things I hate so that's cool. Because there are so many things I do love. But after this morning, when I was stuck behind the same slow person for the third day in a row, I made a list of things that send me into panic mode. And then this post was created. So there's that.
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