Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Here's a Look Into My Phone

I figured you all were wondering what life has been looking like according to my phone lately. If you follow me on Instagram then you know exactly what I've been up to lately. However, if you don't then I just figured I would fill you in.

Saturday I went to do 3421432 hours of laundry at my parents. I made a pit stop first at my Aunt and Uncles so that Luke could play for awhile. Then we went to cousin Ethan's house to play for awhile. Where I ended up doing all 3421432 hours of laundry. Luke loved it because he got to constantly play with Ethan. He seriously loves car rides too. I mean just look at him.

I swear I thought he was going to sleep for the next week after we got home. I also took a little time to take some selfies with the boys, because duh. Ethan had a few costume changes while I was there as well. He started out as Spiderman, then changed to Optimus Prime, and then ended the night as the Hulk. I love that child.

And then, last night as he does every night, Luke decided it was bed time. Bed time means sleeping on top of my head for awhile. This was alright when he was smaller. However, now he's huge and doesn't fit on my pillow by himself, let alone with my head on there as well. So I decided to take a picture last night to compare to a picture I took of him two months ago. I cannot believe how big he has gotten in just two months. I want him to stoppppppp.
 photo signiature_zps56ce7144.png

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