Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Puppy Photoshoot

First off, I know I suck at this whole posting thing. But like I said in my last post, I just haven't been feeling like myself lately and in turn that has caused me to just not feel like posting. It's a long story that I won't bore all of you with. However, what I will show you is the photoshoot I had with Luke Sunday.

The weather here has been so crappy for the past 23425432 months and Sunday it was finally nice enough to go outside and play. So we did. And he loved it. Actually, he just loved eating sticks. And trying to chew the bark off the tree. But I was able to bribe him with sticks to get him to sit still for .2 seconds to take a picture.

Luke and I cannot wait until we actually have a big yard for him to run and play in. But he absolutely loved playing outside. I am so ready for the weather to be nice again so we can play outside more often. And then we went inside and he decided to be a brat and pee in the house. So that's cool...

I did make him some awesome homemade treats that were like superrrrr difficult to make. I mean so difficult that I didn't know if I was going to be able to put a spoonful of yogurt and peanut butter in the ice trays and freeze them over night. However, he loved those super difficult to make treats and ate three in five minutes because I can't say no to him. I have a problem..

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