Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We Recreated Some Old Pictures

So I am sure you have all heard of/seen the newest Pinterest sensation. Okay, maybe it isn't the newest. And maybe it isn't a Pinterest "sensation" per say, but I have seen it a few times on there which is obviously how I got the idea. I mean come on, do you seriously think I come up with all this awesomely creative things on my own? Anyways, for my mom's birthday (which was August 9 btw), my sisters and I decided we were going to recreate old pictures of us three. I'm surprised we got the ones we did, because we seriously could not stop laughing. My sister's boyfriend took all the pictures for us and he probably thinks we're crazy. Actually, he already knows that. But he is also such the little professional photographer, let me tell ya.

So I don't have all the pictures on my computer, but here are some of them for your viewing pleasure. As you will be able to see, my mother was/still is quite obsessed with taking pictures of us in front of Christmas trees and with Santa hats on...

My mom loved it. Or so she says. She cried. So you would think that means she loved it. But my mom cries about everything. She cried for two years before I moved out of the house. But that could have also been happy tears, not sad ones. So moving on from that subject...

I think everyone should do this. It was a lot of fun taking the pictures but I had even more fun going through all of our old pictures and remembering all the memories we made when we were younger.
And yes, I did say my mom's birthday was August 9. And yes this book did not make it's way to her house until September 17, but better late than never right?

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Sonya said...

These are hysterical! I love the one where you are lifting your sister and your other sister is just standing there.