Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When Something Like This Happens In My Hometown

Monday night there was bad weather around where I live
I layed down and didn't think anything of it
It was just some thunder, some wind, and some pea sized hail
I am scared of storms, but I didn't think this was anything to worry about too much

After I had fallen asleep I got a phone call from my mom around midnight
I had been staying in a town about 35 minutes away from the little town of Mount Olive
But I am always visiting there
And that is the town I lived in until I moved out for college

Anyways, she called to tell me there had been a tornado in Mount Olive
My hometown

Now, I can talk crap on my hometown all I want
But that's because I grew up there
Kind of like I can talk bad about my sister all I want but as soon as you do it you better run

So when my mom told me a tornado had hit my heart instantly dropped
My first worries were about her and my dad and my sisters
They were all fine, thank goodness

Their house is also fine
But there was damage to our town
A lot of damage

All of these pictures were taken by my sister
Her and my mom took about a 2 hour walk around town (now don't be fooled, our town is not that big by any means) but it was just a lot to take in
There are more pictures here taken by our local news station that show even more damage from an aerial view

This is nothing compared to what the people in Oklahoma are going through
And my heart goes out to all of them
But when something like this strikes home, it does something to you

I never thought anything like this would be able to happen to our small town
And I am so thankful that there was no one injured in this

So now we pick up the pieces
And the sense of community and pride that has been going on is amazing
There are so many volunteers out to help
The high school students have gone out after school yesterday and today to help clean up

I love this little town
And I am proud to say that in a time of need, we can all come together for one another and help when help is needed

Please continue to pray for not only my little town, but every single person that lost loved ones or homes in the awful tornado that went through Oklahoma

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Brianna Renee said...

aww, this is so sad but glad that everyone in your family is okay.

Sonya said...

So sad. Glad everyone is ok. A small town about 30 minutes from us had some damage, but it wasn't a tornado. My husband's coworker shared photos of it because it was in her neighborhood.