Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

I think that's from Duck Dynasty
I've seen like one episode
But I've heard people say this
And then refer to DD

Anywho, today's Everyday in May topic is 10 things that make me happy
Super easy

1. My family, obviously
Not only my immediate family, but every single person in my family
All 72 of them
That is no where near all of them but there is never a moment where we are all together at once, which sucks

2. My friends make me happy, obviously since I always talk about them
There is my group of friends from high school and we spent almost every day together in high school. And we still try to get together every time we are all home from school, it is just getting harder and harder the older we get.
And I also have my friends that I have met in college who I spend most of my time with.
I don't know what I would do without any of my friends. They have really made me who I am today.
3. My boyfriend
Yes we have only been together for like 3 months but he makes me happier than I have been in a very long time.
He may like the Cubs and the Blackhawks, but if those are the only two flaws I can ever find I'm perfectly okay with that.
4. My dog Tatum
I got him the summer before my junior year of college
Our personalities are exactly the same
I could not ask for a better dog for me
We love to sleep, eat, sleep some more, and then eat some more
And he hates being woken up .. he will growl at you
Kinda like me in the morning... :)

5. The St. Louis Cardinals make me happy
One because they are a winning team
Two because they are the best team
And three because they rock

6. Chocolate
Chocolate makes me very happy
I could eat chocolate all day errr day
Especially chocolate covered gummy bears

7. Blogging
I love being able to write about whatever comes to my mind.
I love having my own little space on this world wide web that I can go to whenever I need to talk about something
And I love making new friends through this experience as well

8. Social Media
I am constantly glued to my phone
It has all of my social media accounts hooked up to it
I have my Facebook
I have my Twitter
I have my Pinterest
And I have my Instagram
And every single one of those makes me happy

9. Sleeping
I am probably the best sleeper you will ever meet
I should really be a professional sleeper
At least that's what everyone tells me

10. Crafting
I love being able to sit down and let my creative juices flow
Even though I don't have that many
But now that summer is back I plan on crafting a lot
Like this alcohol bouquet I made last night for the boyfriend's roommates 21st birthday
You can also find how to make one here

Crappy picture I know, but it was late and I was tired...
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Sonya said...

My husband is a Cubs fan and I'm a Cardinals fan. I always joke that it's his biggest flaw!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it doesn't take long to know when you are truly happy with someone. My husband and I were engaged after seven weeks. :)