Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Time I Thought I Would Have to Live in a Bathroom

So I have been sitting here at work since 10 am this morning
And I have drank a water, an iced latte, and a lemonade

So naturally I have to go to the bathromm
Ten million times

Anyways, I have for some reason chosen the same stall every time today
And every time I almost get trapped in the stall
Because I am not strong enough to unlatch the latch in that certain stall

Which gets me to thinking about this one time
When I was about ehh maybe 7 or 8

Which by the way, is the first memory I have from childhood
I think
If I have any other ones I can't remember them now

So I am at my older brothers wedding reception thing
When me, my little sister of about 5, and my new sister-in-laws cousin who is the same age as me decide to go to the bathroom

Mind you this party thing was outside at a pavillion
With a DJ
And loud music

While we are in there the door gets stuck
Like the door to go outside
Locking us three wee little helpless children inside
No joke

Scariest shit ever

So we all start kicking the door and screaming for someone to come get us out
But no one can hear us
Because of the stupid loud music that was playing
And probably because the pavillion was slightly far away

So as we are kicking and screaming I just keep thinking "I'm going to be stuck in here forever"
What little life I had flashed before my precious little eyes
And let me tell you, I did NOT want to be stuck living in a bathroom with my sister forever
Nor did I want to be stuck with that other girl

So after what seemed like eternity .. but was probably really only about 5 minutes
An adult came to the bathroom to do her business
And freed us from our entrapment

 I thought this was me
With the fake dead guy on the ground
Waiting to freak me out and kill me
I can vividly remember kissing the ground
Okay, not really
But I do remember breathing in the fresh air like I never had before

And I have not been in that bathroom since

Also, today is Day 9 of Everyday in May
And today's topic is a moment in my day
An ice cream sandwich
For breakfast
Be jealous
And have a nice Thursday!

I will be leaving work at 6 and heading straight for bed
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