Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Four Day Weekend

So I have not updated for awhile
I get into these like streaks where I update a lot
And then don't for a long time

I have no idea why

So I am apologizing now for every picture you are about to see
Because if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you have already seen these
Side note: you should follow me
Because I'm awesome

Anyways, last Thursday I went to the Tim McGraw concert
My boyfriend and I took my mom for mother's day
It was a lot of fun
He is awesome in concert
And awesome to look at

Then Friday we watched Ethan
Most awesome child ever
Saturday the boyfriend had a softball tournament
So I watched that all day
I really do enjoy watching
But I am not enjoying the million tan lines I'm getting
My boyfriend is a stud
You should be jealous

Sunday was spent watching two softball games and then just hanging out with family
It was nice

Monday was Memorial Day and the boyfriend and I spent it with my family
It was nice to relax and just hang out with them
We grilled, played bags, played some wiffle ball (until it started to downpour) and played some card games

I also wanted to say thank you to all the men and women who have fought and are fighting for our country
I know we all think Memorial Day is just for drinking and grilling but we also needed to stop and take a second to realize what it was really about.

This is my Grandpa
He passed away back when I was in 8th grade
I miss him a lot but I am also grateful for everything he did for our country
So thank you to everyone who puts their life on the line everyday for our freedom

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