Monday, May 13, 2013

I apologize

Dear Mom and Dad,
I apologize for always being so awesome that your two other daughters just cannot compare
Dear Sister 1,
I apologize for the fact that my hair is way longer and better than yours
Dear Sister 2,
I apologize for the fact that we look so much alike, even though you don't think we do
Dear Boyfriend,
I apologize for not letting you be right sometimes
Dear Friend 1,
I apologize for puking on your Northface that one night
Dear Friend 2,
I apologize for you having to hold my head while I puked during said one night
Dear Friend 3,
I apologize for not inviting you to that one night so you could experience that with all of us

Dear Self,
I apologize for putting all this amazing food into you and then doing nothing to work it off
 And to all of my readers,
I apologize for my lack of posting sometimes

So today's Everyday in May topic was to issue some public apologies, obviously
And there you have it
My apologies

I hate Mondays
Because that means my weekend is over
But here is what I did this weekend
1. The boyfriend and I were house/dog sitting all last week for two dogs .. a beagle and a yorkie
2. My breakfast one day this weekend
3. The little yorkie cuddled up on my boyfriend 
4. My boyfriend's softball team had a bowling fundraiser on Friday night .. and yes that "suit" t-shirt he is wearing are their softball uniforms
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1 comment:

Jess said...

LOVE that suit uniform!

And, as far as your apologies go, I think that your friends will be quite alright with the memories of good times rather than needing an apology :)
X Jess