Thursday, May 2, 2013

Everything you already knew about Candy Crush

Well to start off today I am to educate you all on something I know a lot about
Which isn't a lot
I like to pretend I know a lot about everything
But let's face it
I'm just really good at acting
Maybe I should pursue that as a career...
So I'm here to tell you all about this little game on my phone
It's what I like to call the game from hell
Or as others would call it.. Candy Crush
And although I am not that far in the game, I like to think I am awesome at it
Yes, yes I am
I started playing this little gem of a game before most people did
Yeah, I'm a hipster like that
And then I got stuck on level 35
And got mad
And deleted it
Then I met my boyfriend
Who is also addicted
(I like to tell him I'm taking him to rehab for it)
And so I got sucked back in
And I cannot stop playing it
See you have these little candy's you have to match
Three in a row .. or four .. or five
And then they disappear
And you have objectives
Like get the fruits and nuts to the bottom
Or clear jellys
Or get a certain amount of points in time
Easy right?
Now I am stuck on level 98
My favorite part about the game is getting the donuts
Or what I like to call disco balls
You get them when you line up five candys
And when you put them together with a lined candy (that you get by lining up four)
They make all that same kind of candy turn into lines
And poof you have probably won that level
But then you swipe a candy thinking it will go one way
And it goes the other
And then you lose the level
Because your fingers are too big for the screen
Ughhh that part drives me crazy
Ps that cake up there?
Yeah I'll be making that for the boyfriends birthday
First world problems .. I swear
Anyways, now that you know everything you want to about Candy Crush
Not that you didn't already know all of that
Because everyone and their dog plays this game
So get on Facebook and send me lives peopleeee!
... I really need a life

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itbritt said...

Okay, this is awesome.
Why you ask? Because the ADDS for this app are CRAZY ANNOYING and everywhere!!

Its like you've just slapped me in the face. Not only to people play this, but they are addicted and have memes for it! OH LORD when did I become so lame.

Thanks for catching me up.

Shelley said...

I am laughing so hard at this and TOTALLY get it!

and seriously, I thought I had thin fingers until Candy Crush came along and then the whole candy went the wrong way thing... *sigh* you get it.