Thursday, June 7, 2012

Me? MIA?

Oh my! I have once again neglected this little blog for a week. I apologize to those of you who read this. I have been quite busy. 
Carrie and I took Ethan to his experience his first Tsno. He loved it. Actually, he loved it so much he wanted to eat his, mine and Carrie's. :)
I went to Chicago this weekend and got to watching Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons perform. It was awesome, just like every other time! And before the show I got to meet the cast of Jersey Boys and after the show I met the guy who plays Frankie himself. It was pretty darn cool if I do say so myself. When we came back my Uncle Robby came back with us and so we visited with him Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 
I have also had a bunch of homework to do (I promise no pictures of that boring crap).
But enough typing, you'd rather see what I have been doing. Here are pictures from the past week! Most are Instagramed, obvi. :)
Eating breakfast :)

He's hip

His first Tsno!

He wanted that bite :)

Licking it off his arm, nbd.


I was a creep. But they did the color run. And I was jealous. :(

Taking wedding pictures in the middle of Chicago traffic.

The bean :)

Where's Waldo? I mean my Mom, Aunt Cindy and I ... but same thing

Inside the Chicago Theater .. I have no idea if I was allowed to take this. Oh well.

The cast of the Broadway show, Jersey Boys!

The guy who plays Frankie in the Jersey Boys!

Blood orange juice .. sooo good!

My new helmet and goggles :)

So there you have it. I told you I have been a leeettlleee busy. And things are just picking up because Shelby gets married in 23 days! I cannot wait to see all of my family! Thanks for reading! :)

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