Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Fever!

Happy Wednesday! Wednesday means the week is half way over!
Well said.

Lately my family and I have been working our little tails off for the upcoming wedding next Saturday! 
So while we are doing all of this I have been planning my wedding in my head. 
Even though I have forever to plan one. 
Considering I am not out of college, 
nor do I have a ring on my hand.

Thanks to Pinterest I have been able to plan almost every aspect of my non-existent wedding. 
And I decided to let you all in on what my future wedding will be like. 
Aren't you so excited? :)

I would like whoever proposes to me to have a secret photographer to capture the moment :)

via via 
  I love love love the bridesmaids dresses on the left!
And I will be taking a picture like the one on the right from the movie Bridesmaids!
I love sparkles. But I cannot decide between a big dress or a slim fit dress. Good thing I have a while.

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 I want a picture of the first reaction of my future hubby.
I also want to write a letter to my future husband and read them together but not see each other.
 That boquet is gorgeous. 
And I love the simplicity of the white decorations.
That cake is amazeballs. 
And I WILL have sparklers at my wedding :)

I'm not to picky, am I? ;-)
You can check out more of my wedding ideas on my Pinterest wedding board here!

What are some things you know for sure you want at your wedding?
Or if you have already gotten married, what was your favorite part?

Thanks for reading! :)


Brenda Bean said...

Your mom and dad better start saving their money!

Becca said...

Yes they better! Or I need to .... no just my mom and dad :)