Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Findings!

Hello! It is Friday! Yayy!

Tomorrow I will be on my way to Chicago to see this man sing...
In case you were wondering, which you shouldn't be, that is Frankie Valli
If you are still asking who let me help you out a bit. The guy who sings the theme song of Grease. Now you know? Good
Anyways, my uncle has been working with him for a really long time now, so we are heading up to Chicago to see them!

My first find this week is this website. So funny! Go check it out!

Another website I found is this one. It is called Dear Photograph and it has people holding up old photos in the same spot of the photo they are taking. If that makes any sense.... if not just look at a few pictures I pulled from there!

Dear Photograph,

Bernice and Zeke fell in love at first sight. It was true puppy love. Even though Bernice has long since passed away, Zeke loves to sit on that same back step, just like always. I wonder who he is thinking about…

Dear Photograph,
April 7th, 1932, my parents were married in the living room of my grandparent’s home with wedding pictures taken on the front lawn. Last week, after being in the family for 100 years, I sold the house. My parents are no longer here, so I decided to bring them back one last time and involve them in some way for a few last reflections around the property. It seemed like a fitting farewell before I headed to the closing.

Dear Photograph,
Why did we ever stop pretending we were the Spice Girls?

Finally I came across this blog from the bloghop I recently did! She lets everyone in on the little secrets of finding cheap make-up that can actually be better then the expensive stuff you buy. She even let us know that CVS had Spoiled by Wet n Wild polish on sale for a dollar! I got six! Check them out!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend! I will be back on Sunday to let you know how my weekend went! Or I might be back before that to show you how Ethan's first tsno experience went! :) Thanks for reading!

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