Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My past week ... in pictures of course!

Hello! I am sooo happy I decided to link-up for Sunday Social again a few days ago because I have gained some more lovely followers and I have found some more awesome blogs! 
Yay! :) 
I love finding new blogs, it has become one of my favorite things to do! :)

Anyways on to what I have been doing the past week beside checking out great new blogs!

1. Hobby Lobby must not know what time of year it is. They were setting out their CHRISTMAS decorations already!
2. Ethan, Grandma and I enjoying a fun filled day of shopping!
3. A beautiful sunset!
4. This guy was just walking around the mall like it was nbd.

I very much enjoy riding four wheelers with my main squeeze :)

This weekend was my hometowns carnival and parade.
Ethan loved watching everything but he did not enjoy the bagpipes or the fire trucks.

This was the first time little Ethan man got in the big pool this year and he LOVED it! :)

My boss returned from her trip to D.C. and brought me back a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes, better known as the TLC show D.C. Cupcakes! 
It was really good!

Tatum and Percy just chillin out in the kitchen :)

Carrie's friend brought her daughter over for us to see. 
Isn't she a doll?
Andddd she loved me, do not let her expression fool you :)
Carrie, who loves cats (gross), loved her little shirt that had cats on it

So that is what I have been up to lately! 
Oh and getting ready for the big wedding coming up in less than two weeks! Yay for family and weddings! I cannot wait! 
And I will let you all see the decorations after the wedding is over and the bride has given me permission :)

Thanks for reading! :)


English Anderson said...

Those are some awesome pictures, especially the one of the sunset. Gorgeous! And I am so jealous of your Hobby Lobby, it's ridiculous. I don't think Germany understands the concept of craft stores...

Shane said...

What a PRECIOUS baby! :)

xo Shane

Becca said...

Thank you! He is my cousin's son! I just love him! :)

Becca said...

Thank you! And that stinks! I love craft stores!