Monday, March 10, 2014


Sometimes life gets in the way of things. I usually don't post anything that isn't upbeat on here, but I feel like I owe it to you guys to tell you why it took me a week to post anything again. For some reason, lately I haven't been feeling very "upbeat". I don't know what it is, and I feel like I can't make excuses for it. I just haven't felt like myself and because of that, I haven't felt like posting. Even some of the things I have posted in the last month have been "forced" in a way. 

I wish I knew the reason why I have been feeling out of it because then I could easily fix it. However, I can't pinpoint just one thing that I need to fix. The stress that I'm beginning to feel is overwhelming and I'm not dealing with it in the positive way I should be.

And I know whenever I think the stress I'm dealing with is too much to handle, there are so many other people out there who have it way worse than I do, which is one reason I was hesitant to post this. I don't want anyone thinking that I am taking every blessing I have for granted, or that I don't appreciate anything at all. But sometimes a person just needs to vent a little, and because lately I've felt like I don't really have someone that I can pour all of my feelings out to, I chose to come here.

So hopefully I can begin to feel like myself again soon. And I apologize for this post not being the usual positive post that goes in to this blog. But I made this blog to reflect who I actually am and it was, in a way, just a diary of sorts when I started out. And that's what I want it to continue to be. I want it to show my personality, ups and downs and all. 

I also don't want anyone to think I'm posting this on here for a pity party. That's not it at all. Like I said above, this blog is suppose to reflect who I am and how I feel. And right now this is how I feel.

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