Monday, June 3, 2013

Softball and Hockey All Weekend

It's Monday
But not really my Monday
With my new work schedule I only work Tuesday-Thursday
Yes, I know you're jealous

So technically I'm still celebrating the weekend
While everyone else is working

But if I did have a normal work schedule, this is what my weekend post would be

Friday night Nick and I went to the horse races again
But then shit got scary
I had both parents calling and texting me telling me there were bad storms coming
And when I looked up in the sky the clouds were moving one way, and the flag was flying the other

The races got canceled but we took cover inside at the races because leaving would have been stupid
Thankfully we only experienced some rain and a little bit of hail
But in the town next to my parents (their town is the one that was just hit with a tornado) a tornado touched down

Thankfully no one was injured but that is the high school gym (where I once played basketball, yes I played basketball at one point) and it is really sad to see it like this

My parents also got a new cat
Well my sister got it
And it's a kitten
I'm not really a cat person
I'm still not sure of the name
My sister has changed it twice
And I think she's changing it again

Saturday was suppose to be a day filled with softball games
But they all got rained out
So it ended up being a lazy day for Nick and I which was nice

But then things got intense when the Blackhawks game started
Game 7 and if they lost they were done
Nick was stressed

I was not

So I sat and blogged the whole time

Then that night we went to a place called Fast Eddies which is about 35 minutes away
I love this place
The food is amazing

And cheap
Like it's all a dollar

If you are in the area I highly recommend going to this place
You do have to be 21 to get in but trust when I say the food is great

Beware not to run into these fools though

After that Nick and I headed over to the casino since it's like across the street
Because of all the rain we have been getting lately the river is starting to flood
And I think it's only suppose to get worse

Ps. we lost the money we took into the casino
We won nothing...

Then Sunday was the make up tournament that was suppose to happen Saturday
And Nick's team (Suit Up) won the whole thing!
Which is awesome because that means they get to go onto a bigger tournament
Softball is taken seriously around here, obviously

Nick also got All Tournament Team for being the best at third base all day
My boyfriend >>>>>

Sunday night ended with watching the first game of the next series for the Blackhawks
And they won by 2
So Nick was pretty happy about that

And while typing this I got a text from him saying we could maybe go to the zoo today
So I am one happyyyyy person right now
Expect lots of pictures from that!
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dela belle k said...

Wow! Very eventful! Glad ya'll are okay from the storms. We have a Fast Eddies too but its a pool hall/bar. No food is served at ours.

Savannah Robinson said...

My Dad told me about the tornado in the town over! Can't believe it. Hope no more are coming your way!

Meghan said...

Sounds like a great weekend, I went to the casino too and also lost. BOO! Have fun at the zoo!

Sonya said...

Those baseball jerseys are awesome! They just said today we did have a tornado in our town. It did the most damage in one localized area, but it was a mess! I actually saw it for the first time today.