Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wavy hair in five minutes

So, I have been asked quite a few times lately how I get my hair to be wavy
Well, first you have to have a head full of not curly/not straight hair
Kidding, I'm sure you can achieve this with hair not like that

Anyways, this is the hair I'm talking about
(On the left)
It seriously takes me five minutes
Not joking
It's a life saver every morning because I never feel like actually doing my hair

 What I do:
I shower
Then while in the shower I only use shampoo .. no conditioner
I feel as if that step is key .. for me anyways
Then when I get out of the shower I just put my hair up in a towel for about five minutes
You want it pretty damp but not dripping wet when you put the gel in it
Then I use Aussie Volume Gel but you can use mousse if you prefer
I've been using that gel for like years now
Seriously probably like 6 or 7
Anyways I put about a nickle size of it in my palm and rub it in my hands
I flip my head over then scrunch my hair
Repeat that step again
Then flip your head up and scrunch a little bit more in it
Then you are done

Seriously so easy .. I know
You're welcome

It makes great day two hair too for those of you who don't like washing your hair everyday
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Stamp in My Passport said...

I am all about the mousse/gel in wet hair styling. Forgoing the 15 minutes of drying and straightening my hair makes mornings that much more bearable.

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

looove this! Beach wavvvves!