Wednesday, June 19, 2013

(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum

More on that later..
Here is what I have been up to lately

Thursday was a night spent at the softball fields again
I was kind of star struck for a minute because Nick's team played against a team that an old Cardinals player is on
But then I got over it when Nick's team short gamed Jason Isringhausen's team

Friday night I went to the Luke Bryan/FGL concert
My honest opinion: Luke Bryan is good to look at but he sucks at entertaining.
I was so bored by like the third song it was unreal.
FGL was so amazing it blew my mind.
I wish they would have been the main act and Luke Bryan would have opened.
The only time I thought Luke was entertaining was when he wasn't singing his actual songs and brought FGL out on stage with him.




And yes, I'm sure you can hear me singing in the background
No I'm not ashamed

Saturday was just a day spent in Mount Olive for our little homecoming thing we have
Saturday night our plans were to watch the Blackhawks game and then go out to the carnival for some beer tentness.
But then the Blackhawks lost, and it had been raining for a few hours.
So instead it was bed time.

Sunday we went to the art museum because I have a paper due for one of my classes on a painting there.
Then we just went and hung out at my parents for Father's Day.

1. Tatum and Willow cuddling. Tatum hates being disturbed while he sleeps but is totally fine with Willow snuggling up next to him.
2. I'm bored at work today
3. My new necklace I got for $5. I forget from where.
4. Tatum went for a ride with me the other day.
5. Willow sleeping on the kitchen chairs under the table .. weird cat
6. Last night I wanted a blizzard. Instead I made myself an angel food cake covered in white vanilla pudding with carmel, chocolate and whipped cream on top. So much healthier, I know.

Okay so now about my title.
Just watch this video.
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Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I'm so bummed to hear Luke Bryan isn't good in concert.. LOVE him!